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Kevin Durant-Draymond Green sweep: What's next for Warriors?

When the news of a screaming match in Warrior's dressing room first occurred on Tuesday afternoon, it was reasonable to…

When the news of a screaming match in Warrior’s dressing room first occurred on Tuesday afternoon, it was reasonable to play down the consequences. This Golden State team is constantly under the microscope and every crack in the foundation is worth discussing, but the reality is that most good teams fight and curse each other in an 82-player season.

In some cases, testimonials after game can be a sign of health; The alternative is a storage room full of vague, passive aggressive kliches thrown back and forth between teammates, as the whole ship flags deeper into an ocean of permanent mediocrity. (I live in DC.) Given the history of Draymond flare-ups in the Golden State, and given the success that has come right next to them, it was like the smart game to reject any kind of long-term Warriors concern.

Then they suspended the Draymond. That decision changed everything. Warriors’ concerns are more legitimate now, and questions about the future are inevitable. The suspension was the most serious disciplinary effect of the Kerr era in the Golden State. It costs Green a $ 1

20,000 game check. The move also guaranteed that instead of some fooled reports that fade away within 24 hours, it will be a story that will last for several months. And if nothing else, embracing the inevitable crush of scrutiny that would bring a suspension, it speaks to how serious the warriors believed that this question had become.

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If anyone missed the last 36 hours of updates about this story, all this began in Los Angeles. At the end of a game in play against Clippers, Durant’s ball would have the chance to take the last shot. Draymond wanted him to run the break. Eventually, there was a turnover in the last seconds and a heated argument on the sidelines . Then Draymond went back to the dressing room and took the subtitle of this Warriors season – leaving Durant? Should he be recruited all year round? How does the team feel about all this? – and made that text. According to a report, Green “repeatedly called Kevin Durant a b *** ch” on a screen that got a warrior to say, “with that said there is no way that Durant will come back.”

The suspension (and a handful of great NBA reporters) did all this knowledge about the public. So where does it leave us? The best basketball team on the planet only acknowledged a heated and unacceptable feud among two of their best players, and then the coaching staff and the front office officially took Kevin Durant’s side. Players seem to be more mixed. On Tuesday night Durant made it clear that he and Draymond have not yet worked out things . Nobody knows where this is going, but it’s part of the fun here.

Here are the five most likely results.

Scenario no. 1: Everyone goes on and continues to win titles

This is the most likely outcome for the rest of this season, but it should not be discounted in the long run either.

The warriors, with some accounts, already handled these tensions last season. Perhaps this week’s version is worse, and it is certainly more public, but the Golden State still has the most talent in the league. Given the battle in Boston, the gap between the war arena and the rest of the league may be greater this year than a year ago. If Steph Curry is healthy in May and June, it would be crazy to bet against them.

Similarly, while it is easy to read this week’s events and the conclusion that the Golden State leadership prefers to keep Durant over Draymond, it is also important to remember that Joe Lacob will probably do everything in his power to hold both. To that end, if the Warriors win another title in June, it becomes much more difficult to imagine some important players who go away from one of the most successful basketball teams that the sport has ever seen. Changes are not unthinkable, but none of Guldstads upheaval will be as inevitable as part of the week’s reporting has made it seem. Still: for the sake of argument, let’s suppose the status quo is out of the table.

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Scenario No. 2: Durant to Knicks

This is unbelievably the second most likely scenario in game. Durant Knicks buzz has percolating around the league since June. In September, a league source told SI that the wheels of a New York movement were already in motion, about the same as LeBron’s LA dragon had (allegedly) written long before July 2018. There are many reasons to be skeptical of

Unnamed: Knicks has not signed a superstar on All-NBA in 30 years, and any superstar has to be very confident and boundlessly bound to hand over his lead to an organization run by James Dolan. Nevertheless, New York would come up with huge business ideas for Durant, and after three years of hearing that he was not challenged at Warriors, no one could say that Knicks is not a challenge.

In addition, Durant’s chief and business partner were reportedly reported for Knick’s coaching search. New York finally went another way, but the communication lines seem to be open on that front.

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Scenario no. 3: Handel Draymond

I wrote about this in August when I predicted a split between Durant and Draymond and wondered if the Golden State could move Green as a show of long-term support for Durant. If KD is looking for a new story and a new challenge, the break-up of the original Golden State kernel and try to continue dominating nevertheless gives him exactly what he needs, while giving him a better chance of success than he would find elsewhere.

Draymond grows older. After several years of distinguishing himself as a smallball five, his body already shows signs of decline. He is due to a new contract next season, and he will be renewable this summer. Draymond’s next store will be a tricky investment for everyone, but with huge luxury tax penalties ending in the Golden State, the decision will be even more complicated for Warriors. It is possible that long-term excitement with KD would provide Golden State management coverage to make a move that the office would consider driving regardless. But this decision is of course only meaningful if Durant has committed itself in the long term. If KD leaves, the Golden State will do anything to keep Draymond and continue winning titles.

Scenario no. 4: Durant to Clippers

This is the more successful older sibling of Durant Knicks rumors. The Clippers also gives Durant a massive platform, all sorts of business opportunities and his own team to carry on to playoffs, where he can prove skeptic errors. The difference here is that Clippers already has a lively collection of young talent, a knowledgeable front office and an owner who will spend all that is required to win. In addition, the owner is not James Dolan. Do not talk out Clippers. But in the meantime …

Scenario no. 5: Durant to Lakers

Do not Calculate Lakers? It’s very easy to reject the Durant Lakers rumors, but maybe it’s too easy. I know: if Durant leaves the war arena because he wants to go somewhere that allows him to win on his own terms, why should he join LeBron James? That’s a fair question and I’m not here to write Lakers fanfiction. Actually, I’m not interested in argue this way or anything else. This is the least likely result on the board. But the most important thing is an objective recognition: of all scenarios that will ultimately be in play for the future of Durant and the Golden State, nothing is more entertaining than the prospect of KD going to L.A. to cope with LeBron.

In this version of the timeline Durant is not pleased to leave Warriors only. He has to go somewhere so he can beat them directly. And no, Durant would not be able to anchor his own team in LA, but there’s always the chance that he’s linked differently than any superstar we’ve ever known and that’s what he meant to remember.

I ] In any case, KD would be loved by Lakers fans, and if LA misses the playoff this year (not impossible), Durant could still play the saving role he would otherwise inherit in New York. Meanwhile, this move would regenerate the Golden State’s rivalry with LeBron, while Draymond would start next season with a 2000’s GQ interview, explaining its side of Clippers wardrobe fever, telling the world that KD never was a real warrior. In addition, Steph would have a chance to break both LeBron and Durant immediately and claim to be the best player in this generation.

But who knows.

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In the end, everyone guesses. There will probably not be any real answers until July next year.

If the question is how we came this week, and who is wrong, everything gives a fascinating situation for the gold state. Draymond almost delivered the message at the wrong time and the wrong way, but his basic points are reasonable. He and the other Warriors stars should not feel pressured to postpone anyone. They did not help fake NBA’s biggest dynasty in 25 years just to spend every season like the Pelican with Anthony Davis.

Durant has created these terms by signing a yearly offers each season and refusing to break the rumors of the Freedom Bureau. If the Golden State coach has responded to the uncertainty by showing Durant favoriteism in recent seasons, soft pedal criticism and giving KD latitude to pursue his own terms, Draymond and his teammates would be well within his right to also breach it here development.

Durant’s perspective is meaningful as well. He is incredible enough to determine the terms of any team he plays for – even this one. If Draymond wants to require Durant to appreciate what the warriors could do without him, Durant would be reasonable to require Draymond to recognize how much easier his life has been since. The Golden State became unstoppable as soon as the KD was signed in July 2016, and Green spent long stretches over the last two years that broke through the regular season.

KD has given this team the largest margin for errors in the NBA story, and he has still not received credit for it. It’s not Golden State wrong, but it’s a reality anyway. Durant can not win even when he wins. If he is not sure he wants to spend the rest of his career grabbing the paradox that would be understandable. He is not guilty of anyone to commit long-term.

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In the end, what’s happening in the Golden State this week is the byproduct of two players who think that they are right. And they are both kinds. As noted Warrior’s fan Sam Esfandiari pointed out the entire dichotomy during play that started all of this: Durant is good enough to demand a chance to end a playoff on their own terms while Draymond and the warriors have been able to expect that KD should run the floor and fill a lane like everyone else.

Somebody soon begins all the warriors pretend to let all of this be good. If profits and losses are the barometer, it will probably be. But this week’s drama was right, it was not the by-product of exaggerated media, and part of this thrill will be there throughout the year.

It made me see if any Warrior assistant Ron Adams said in June of June NBA finals. He talked about coaching Draymond. “You accept the originality of these players,” he told some reporters. “Each of our guys is talented, but they are different. Steph is a magician sometimes, and then he makes you cry with a few sales. It’s a part of who he is. We try to minimize things that are not to help the team with any player. But these guys, we coaching them, we control them, but they are the people [in charge]. The players get much more involved. They have more to say in the team Steve [Kerr] has done a great job, a unique job that gives this team. “

This is the core issue. The stars of Warriors have always been the ones that form the golden state culture. Now agendas begin to conflict. How much will it mean? How will it end? We will all find out together.

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