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Ketogen diet helps the woman lose 120 pounds

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At Meghan Holohan

A year ago, Tori Lewis was on vacation with friends in North Carolina. The weather was beautiful, but she felt she could not enjoy it. At 300 pounds, Lewis felt so uncomfortable that she refused to go to the beach. Instead, she did what she usually did: to eat and drink too much.

“It was not a good holiday. I did not get a swimsuit once. I was embarrassed to go to restaurants. I drank a lot because that’s all I can do to make fun,” Lewis said, 28 , in Lynchburg, Virginia, today. “I was,” OK, this is a mess. I’m ready to live like this. “”

Like many others, Lewis originally came to college when she stopped paying attention to what she ate and drank. Every year she gained more and more weight, she felt increasingly unhappy. She tried a lot of diets, but none of them have ever worked.

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“I was just in a bad bike where I felt awful and I used food and alcohol to get I feel better, she said. “I knew it was getting bad and I continued to ignore it.”

But after the holidays, she knew it was time to change. She spent so much of her life as embarrassed by how she looked and hated – it was exhaustive.

“From the moment I would wake up, go to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. The first thought I would have is” Oh my God, I hate myself, “she said. “Getting into a grocery store would give me anxiety because I was self-conscious of how I looked.”

One of her friend’s mothers had lost weight by following the ketogenic diet, a low-carb diet with high fat and protein. Lewis wondered if this could work for her too. She started investigating it and started eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates and adding healthy fats, such as avocado and olive oil.

“I think it’s a perfect balanced diet. I stopped eating sugar, which sounds really extreme when you hear someone say it.” I stopped eating crazy carbohydrates. I eat meat and milk and vegetables, “she explained.

At first Lewis was skeptical that keto would make a difference, but soon she lost weight.

“For me, a diet was always something extreme that you went for a while and you lose some weight and you move on. I’ve completely rewired my brain about how I’m looking at food,” she said.

Since October 2017, Lewis has lost 120 pounds simply by focusing on what she eats and now weighs 175 pounds. While she loves how she looks, she really loves how much stronger she feels emotionally.

“Physical changes are not the only changes I’ve been through. I’m happier. I’m more willing to do things,” she said. “I’m just a regular person who did this and other people can do it too.”

Lewis shares tips on how others can make healthier choices and lose weight.

first Have a friend.

Lewis Travis, 31, has also committed to keto and has lost 90 pounds. After the diet, it made it easier for Lewis to be responsible for his goals.

“We are talking about our weight loss everyday,” she said. “It was fun to get someone together for the ride that understood. Just to get the support was good.”

2nd Just start.

When Lewis knew it was time to lose weight, she investigated what would work best for her life, she was armed with information and knew she had to make some changes.

“The hardest part begins. You have to make a plan. You have to do some independent research and then you have to commit yourself,” she said.

3. “Be Patience.”

While Lewis experienced an incredible weight loss in just over a year, it took time for her to see results. Sometimes she did not seem as if she knew what she was doing or that it would work. But she got stuck on it and she reached her goal: weighs less than her husband.

“You must also be patient,” she said. “It’s incredibly overwhelming for many reasons when you make such a change.”

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