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Kensington Palace makes a rare statement about rumors of a split between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

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In recent weeks, speculation about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s relationship – especially if the two women are friends or not – have been difficult to ignore. Disappointed by the news that Meghan and Harry are planning to move from Kensington Palace and to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor next year, these rumors extend from Meghan that makes Kate cry under the princess’s Charlotte Bridesmaid dress that fits Prince Harry upset that his family does not Was more welcome to his new bride.

So far, it has all been guesses supported by anonymous sources and “palace inspectors” (and the patriarchal perception that two beautiful, skilled women must be in conflict with each other). But now the Kensington Palace is weighing in.

As regards new reports that Kate snapped at Meghan after allegedly speaking to members of the Duchess of Cambridge’s staff, the palace said, “It never happened.”

A spokesman was denied the “row” altogether in the sun.

The royal family never commentes on rumors or speculations about their privacy (see the entire Thomas Markle saga as evidence), to give such a complete rejection, denotes rumors, whether true or not, struck a nerves .

Kate herself also seems to contest the proposal that she and her new sister-in-law do not come along. During a visit to Leicester earlier this week, Kate told a fan that she is “totally” exciting for Meghan and Harry’s new baby.

“It’s a special time to have little children,” she said. “And now the cousin of George, Charlotte and Louis is also! It’s going to be very special.”

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