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Kennedy Center Honors program presents tribute to Bush

The artists who get their annual artistic performance course on Sunday are Cher, composer Phillip Glass, country music legend Reba…

The artists who get their annual artistic performance course on Sunday are Cher, composer Phillip Glass, country music legend Reba McEntire and jazz icon Wayne Shorter.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Last year’s Kennedy Center Honors ceremony was almost overshadowed by controversy surrounding the sitting president. This year’s event took place in the shadow of a former master’s death.

Sunday evening’s ceremony celebrated the artistic achievement of lifetime presented several tribute to former President George H.W. Bush, who died Friday night at the age of 94.

The evening kicked off with an extended standing ovation in Bush’s memory at the request of hostess Gloria Estefan.

“I think it’s advisable to recognize a great man passing through devoted his life to service and graciously attended this event many times during his administration, laughing, applauding, singing and even throwing a tear from the right up there in the presidential box, “said Estefan, who recalled being invited to the White House and how Bush” literally spent 45 minutes patiently talking to my eight-year-old son “about how the government worked.

Within a few days after the white house, Estefan’s tour bus visited a serious accident that left her almost paralyzed and President Bush called her to the hospital, she said.

For the second straight year, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump gave an invitation to the awards. They returned to Washington before dawn Sunday from the group of the 20th summit in Argentina.

Trumpsen jumped over last year’s ceremony after several of honorees &#821

1; especially leftist television producer Norman Lear – threatened to boycott if he participated. This year, no such accident occurred, but Trumps still announced three weeks ago that they would not attend.

David Rubenstein, Chairman of the Board of the Kennedy Center, said after a break as he often thinks about the values ​​Bush met with the public.

“I never met a more decent man, a more philanthropic person, a more genuine person,” said Rubenstein.

Bush participated in the Kennedy Center Honors for most years during his presidency – and afterwards, under his son’s presidency – but as other leaders he faced major problems that required his time. Bush did not participate in 1989 because he was at the summit in Malta. Jimmy Carter missed 1979 prices because of Iran’s guess crisis. Bill Clinton was on his way to a conference at the 1994 Kennedy Center Awards.

Trump, however, is the first president to miss them twice.

Had he gone to Kennedy Center, he could have opposed at least some of the honorees, including Cher and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Trump and his administration have set unprecedented distance between themselves and the art and science communities. No artistic or humanist medals have been announced or left since September 2016, when Barack Obama was president – the longest gap after months since the awards were established in the mid-1980s.

The honor of the year for the performance of life in the art was Cher, composer Philip Glass, country music legend Reba McEntire and jazz icon Wayne Shorter. An unprecedented special award went to employees of “Hamilton” for his rejuvenating musical.

McEntire was introduced by the music star Kelly Clarkson, who performed McEntire’s song song “Fancy.”

“Sometimes when we meet our heroes, it does not always,” Clarkson told McEntire, “but my friendship with you became one of the highlights of my life.”

Shorter acclaimed by the Kennedy Center for a six decade Career that included Collaborations with Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana and Joni Mitchell.

Jason Moran, the Kennedy Center Artistic Jazz Manager, described Shorts music in heavenly terms.

“His sound holds a special place in the galaxy.” Moran said. “I can safely say that somewhere in the galaxy right now play a band one of his pieces.”

Glass received his tribute from an assistant by Kennedy Center Honors recipient: singer Paul Simon.

“Simon can praise Glass for his eclectic character of work contemporary artwork – the blockbuster musical “Hamilton” – in addition to performance awards for late career artists. Writer and actor Miranda, director Thomas Kail, choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler and music director Alex Lacamoire honored as “trailblazing creator of a transformation that defies the category.”

Comedy Whoopi Goldberg kicked a tribute to Cher in a floating sparkling dress as she joked came from the pop music icon wardrobe.

“She’s the true original,” Goldberg said. “She not only marred the beat of her own drummer – honey, she’s a loneliness ! “

The evening ended with Cyndi Lauper, a long friend with Cher, who performed” If I could turn back time. “[1 9659003] The Honors tribute performers are always kept secret from the recipients, and this was no exception. When Lauper appeared, Cher shouted from his seat: “You said you were going to Los Angeles!”

Lauper pulled the scene and said, “I lied.”

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