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Keep Your Partners by Staying Away from These Things

If your relationship is new then you have a long journey ahead of you, and you’ll be going through many…

If your relationship is new then you have a long journey ahead of you, and you’ll be going through many rough times and beautiful ones, still, when you feel really attached and believe this person could be the one, you need to hold on tight and refrain from these behaviors in order to win them.

Showing off

There’s a difference between confidence and showing off, as the former helps attracting people to you while the later does the opposite, that’s why you shouldn’t brag about all that you have done, or deal and talk to people as if they’re not equal to you, for nothing can make people fall for you more than confidence mixed with modesty.


We all prefer staying away from dramatic and negative people, as constant whining about everything is absolutely repelling, especially that every one of us has their own problems and wouldn’t want to increase that load.

Destructive criticism

We all know that whether someone accepts criticism or not has a strong link to attitude, as constant destructive criticism could lead to a negative reaction from the person receiving the criticism which could drive them away, that’s why it’s highly recommended that you change criticism into advice.


You need to understand that your partners are fully aware of the times you try to manipulate them or put them under different tests to see how they’d react and that’s considered a major sign of immaturity, so, you must be mature in your relationships, building them on honest and open communication and showing your partners that you can handle a serious relationship.

Treating others badly

Don’t get angry at the waiter in a restaurant if he made a mistake and don’t raise your voice if someone pumped into you in the street as such situations wouldn’t make you look good in the eyes of your partners or the eyes of people, also, such situations would embarrass your partners and nobody would like to be put in such a situation.


Making sarcastic or “funny” comments about some people because they belong to a certain ethnicity or follow a certain religion can give your partner the feeling that you are a supremacist and have no respect for humanity, and nothing is more repelling than that, also, your partners could have friends who belong to the group of people you’re criticizing, making this the last situation you want to be put into, you need to learn to accept the others despite differences.

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