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Kate Middleton played “Never Ever Ever” Prince Williams Ex-Girlfriend

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What’s worse than talking to your boyfriend / girlfriend ex at a party? To sit and play a game “Never I’ve ever “with them. But it’s by the way Exact t y what happened to poor Kate Middleton when she met Prince William. And yes, that was the most literal worst.


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According to expert Katie Nicholl’s Royal Reporter in his book Royal Romance Kate and William made a dinner party with his ex Carly Massy-Birch, when the gang began to play “Never I Ever.” And, according to Nichol’s Source. “When it was Carly’s turn to play, she announced:” I have never dated two people in this room, “knowing that William was the only one who had Kate sitting next to him.” [19659010] It was clear that William gave his ex “a dark” look and whispered under his breath ” I can not believe you just said. “And, Kate has barely talked to Carly since … so, yes. In summary: royals are as dramatic as the rest


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