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Kate DAZZLES In Tiara Like She and Prince William Meet Queen Maxima for State Food | Royal | News

King Willem-Alexander makes his first official tour of Britain after rising to the 2013 throne and following his mother Queen…

King Willem-Alexander makes his first official tour of Britain after rising to the 2013 throne and following his mother Queen Beatrix’s abdication.

The Dutch kings are currently one of a two-day state visit to Great Britain. The Dutch royal family visited Britain in 1982, when Queen Beatrix was still on the throne with Prince Prince Claus.

Kate Middleton arrived at the Dutch State Bank – hosted by the Queen of Buckingham Palace – with her husband, Prince William.

And she had a very special accessory – a Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara as once belonged to her husband’s mother, Diana Princess of Wales.

Royal women are required to wear ballgowns and tiaras to the banquet under strict royal protocol.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also carried Greville Tiara on loan from Queen, who left the accessory of the Queen Mother.

The queen himself also dazzled in a long-sleeved white dress.

Protocol also states that royal ladies must wear Elizabeth II Family Government &#821

1; a jewel-crowned image of the queen on a yellow band that is sometimes worn on the left shoulder.

According to official Royal Family Twitter, 280 slices of chocolate orange torte and several types of royal pastries are to be served on the banquet tonight.

Earlier today, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended Buckingham Palace before letting a wreath on King Willem-Alexander and his wife met Queen Elizabeth earlier today and kissed the British monarch on both cheeks and clutch her hands with his – A gesture was repeated by his wife.

] King William Alexanders mother Queen Beatrix is ​​a distant cousin of Elizabeth II and the couple greeted each other warmly with a kiss on the cheek.

The Dutch kingmothers met Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, for tea at Clarence House earlier on Tuesday evening.

During his busy first day, Willem-Alexander and Maxima also took to Parliament’s house.

King Willem-Alexander was also greeted by Britain’s political leaders, including Prime Minister Theresa May, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary Sajid Javid at Horseguard’s Parade in Whitehall.

The couple was also pictured later with Worker Jeremy Corbyn.

Prince Charles and Duchess Cornwall accompanied Willem-Alexander and Maxima from the Dutch embassy to Whitehall. [19659005]

Waiting for Henry VIII’s former porch was the honorary guard formed by the 1st battalion, Coldstream Guards, in his scarlet tunic and bear glove.

Nearby, the household’s cavalry mounted the regiment in their shiny breastplates and plum helmets and household cavalry.

King William Alexander and Queen Maxima visited the United Kingdom in 2015 – with a promise of an official state later on – to the memorial parade in London.

It marked the 70th anniversary of the Netherlands’s liberation after the end of World War II.

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