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JWoww puts “some place” on blast to turn her son's autism into an “exclusive” report

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is heartbreaked over a "certain place" with his son, Greyson's autism diagnosis as the basis for an…

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is heartbreaked over a “certain place” with his son, Greyson’s autism diagnosis as the basis for an “exclusive” report.

“Greyson, recently diagnosed with autism,” “Jersey Shore” star told Hollywood Life in an interview last week and went to Instagram on Wednesday to wear her disappointing in the media company to focus on the son’s health diagnosis rather than her skin care line, Naturally Woww, why she agreed to do the interview in the first place.

“This is @greysonmathews with his amazing ABA therapist Nashwa from @wecareautismservices”, the 32-year-old image of Greyson, 2. “Gray has recently been diagnosed with autism. He has also been in early surgery for over 6 months now and makes it amazing. Gray is and will always be my little prince. To see that his diagnosis came as an “exclusive” to a certain place, broke my heart and pissed off me. “

” I would never “exclusively say” something business about my son, then he becomes their click bate [sic] … his story is precious and no article coul d catch it, “she continued. “The article with them would be supposed to be about my brand @naturallywoww and how it expands to a children‘s line in HONOR by Greyson and Meilani.”

JWoww concluded: “@naturallywoww and I’ll donate some of the profits to autism organizations that help children as my son … for that’s the only message I’m going to spread in the name of my son … love and acceptance.” [1

9659003] The news of Greyson’s diagnosis comes after JWoww told her “Jersey Shore” friends on the show that her son had not started talking yet and participated in therapy three times a week.

The MTV star also told Hollywood Life that Greyson is still “non-verbal”, but he shows signs of a “positive, positive” development.

“He has jumped in terms of speech,” says JWoww. “He understands words better, which was his question. Not that he could not speak, but he would never know what his shoes are, or if you said” Greyson “, he did not even know the name once, until he was a little over two So now that he understands simple words, he has come so far. “

JWoww, who shares Greyson and daughter Meilani, 4, with man Roger Matthews expressed how” proud “she is of her son and said that the “biggest challenge” for the family at the moment is to get Greyson and Meilani to communicate.

“It was really the heart and frustration of a mom when you see other two-year-olds who speak and live their best lives,” she said. “Greyson lives his best life, he just does not know what you’re saying!”

“It’s just a challenge and it makes him hang out with Meilani who is the biggest challenge,” she continued. “When you have two children who have two different wavelengths, it’s always fun, but Meilani still thinks she’s a single child that’s also a problem.”

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