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Justin Timberlake wrote “Cry Me a River” in 2 hours

When Justin Timberlake sat down to write his 2002 break-up song "Cry Me a River," the song ran straight out…

When Justin Timberlake sat down to write his 2002 break-up song “Cry Me a River,” the song ran straight out of him.

Without mentioning ex-girlfriend Britney Spears – who has long been rumored to be the inspiration for the track musician, 37, says in his new book Behind: All Things I Can not See Before Me that his intense feelings made songwriting fast.

“I” I have been discouraged. I’ve been cursed, “he explains.” I wrote “Cry Me a River” in two hours. I did not plan to write it. “

” The feelings I had were so strong that I had to write it and I translated my feelings into a form where people could listen and hopefully related to it. “Timberlake continues.” People heard me and they understood that we all have been there. “

Timberlake also says he has” unconscious inspiration sources. “

” One thing I’ve learned is that I have to let feelings or ideas inspire me, become what they want to be, write Timberlake.

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Spears and Timberlake dated 1

999-2002 after meeting by The Mickey Mouse Club . “When we initially dismissed me, I felt like she had a few options to just get hold of me, and she did not,” said Timberlake about the division to GQ in 2006. “Which is good. by that time you know I was fighting back. ”

” I used to think, “he told GQ about writing” Cry Me a River. “” I came up with a song. “[19659010] There are no hard feelings at Spears’s end: She previously shared a video of herself as a trainer like Timberlake song “LoveStoned” played.

RELATED VIDEO: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Love Story [19659012] Also in the book, Timberlake reveals that he was trying to marijuana at the age of 13 after Micky Mouse Club ended.

“I came home much more sophisticated and conscious than I had been before the show, but I tried to play it down because I just wanted to like everyone else,” said Timberlake, adding later, “I became the class clown, disturbing the class with my bits, do not care if the teachers were crazy, just want to be accepted by the other children. “

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” I started to get in trouble, “he adds.” I smoke the pot first time. I got a tobacco bag and was almost expelled for it. “

In Hindsight he also rushes to meet Mrs Jessica Biel.” When I met Jess it was unthinkable how beautiful she is, “recalls Timberlake.

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