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Justice O & # 39; Connor announces that she has been diagnosed with dementia, “probably Alzheimer's”

"I will continue living in Phoenix, Arizona surrounded by dear friends and family," she wrote, adding, "While the last chapter…

“I will continue living in Phoenix, Arizona surrounded by dear friends and family,” she wrote, adding, “While the last chapter of my life with dementia can try, nothing has diminished my gratitude and profound appreciation for the countless blessings in my life. “

High Court John Roberts praised O & Connor in a statement Tuesday as a” high figure “and a” role model not only for girls and women, but for all who committed equal justice under law. “

” Connor, 88, was nominated to the bench by President Ronald Reagan as the first female Supreme Court in the United States in 1981. She retired from the bench in 2006, partly to take care of her husband who was affected by Alzheimer’s.

In her retirement, she became a advocate of Alzheimer’s disease and launched iCivics, a website to encourage young people to learn citizenship.

In her letter, O & # 39; Connor also announced that she will step away from public life and her leadership role with iCivics in the light of her physical condition.

“It’s time for new leaders to make community learning and community commitment to reality for everyone,” she wrote, adding: “I hope I have inspired young people about civic responsibility and helped to pave the way for women who can have [1

9659002] The letter was released by the public prosecutor of the court. “Connor wrote it signed” God bless you all. ”

Roberts said that while” sorry to learn “from O’Connor’s diagnosis, he was not surprised because she used the opportunity to share the fact of thinking about our country first. “

” Although she has announced that she leaves public life, no disease or condition can remove the inspiration she offers to those who will follow the many roads she has blown, “wrote Roberts.

Connor inspired generations of female lawyers who admired their road marking success in a field dominated by m n By the time she was k nown as a moderate conservative and often the swing vote on hot-button social issues.

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