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Just cause 4 review – IGN

December 4, 2018 Technology 1 Views Share. Rico's new trick is goofy physics fun, but there's no great new idea…


Rico’s new trick is goofy physics fun, but there’s no great new idea to call himself.

After packing up about 20 hours worth of Just Cause 4’s storytelling and destructive fun to basically blow up all things, I went back and read my review of Just Cause 3 from 201

5. This , I thought, explaining to deu vu sensation. With a few additions, reading the review will tell you all you need to know about Just Cause 4’s strengths. This is a very iterative sequel, and therefore it’s as gloriously over-the-top and action-movie stupid as the last one. It learns from and addresses many of Just Cause 3’s mistakes, especially regarding some of the more annoying repetitive types of assignments, but it’s not really a brand new idea to give it its own identity. [19659005] If you keep an eye on it, it is now the fourth Latin tropical despot like Rico Rodriguez – effectively Wolverine’s secret love source and a flying squirrel who is also a secret agent – has decided to abstain. Adding the personal angle of the Rodriguez family’s commitment to Dictator # 4’s weather control system means little because of history’s completely rotational nature, especially as the dictator only occurs at the beginning and end. I enjoyed how cutscenes put out the next series of mission goals that went towards a long-term goal, almost Ocean 11-style, but otherwise there’s another event of regression change through explosion.

In the absence of a new Red Faction game, Just Cause 4 is at the top of the field when it comes to blowing things up. Almost all that’s red – and some things that are not – will explode when damaged, and destroying one of the big Epcot Center-like fuel tank balls gives some of the most spectacular fireballs seen in any game. I can not emphasize enough how much a portion of satisfaction Just Cause 4 comes down to watch a lethal chain reaction of detonations. But at the same time it’s all transferred from previous games, and I’d love to have seen Just Cause 4 double down even more on destructiveness. That’s not true.

Just Cause 4 is on top of its field when it comes to blowing things.

There is no new thing under the tropical sun. For one, the map of the island of Solis as expansive as Just Cause 3’s Medics without directly repeating it, and its different environments are investigating it from being monotonous. As a fantastic movie scene, you’re never far from beaches, jungles, deserts, snowy mountains and everything in between. Its urban settings are a tad on the bland side, especially if you’re new to Spider-Man, but beyond that you check all the boxes for what you want and expect in an open world map – including a large number of page requests to be completed. with your wingeruit and / or vehicle.

The bit-piece release has a new twist that resolves one of my main complaint about Just Cause 3. Instead of taking back every city by beating down annoying propaganda speakers and statues, almost all the several dozen provinces have a real mission in connection with what needs to be cleared to claim it – and the weapon or vehicle unlocks it brings. Certainly, you play most types of quests more than once, especially the one where you have to chase several gears in one area or the one where you have to drive bombed cars into the ocean to disarm them, but it’s a significant step up in the sort. That said, it’s a bit of a downer, how many missions are built around the idea of ​​finding switches to disable indestructible turret cannons. This is a game about blowing things and knowing all your firepower means nothing under these circumstances is a bit frustrating.

After I was originally hopeful that I would have a meaningful control of how my strange pastel-colored insurgency spread over Solis, I was disappointed with the conquest map. You understand that you have to send troops to extend the advances in the battle against the dictator’s mercenaries, but it is much less interesting than it sounds – this is less risk or XCOM and more about the formality of opening the map to say “yes i took it here “after you have made the assignment to take it over. The enemy never tries to take any territory back, so there’s no metagame there – it’s a little more than a thinly hidden upgrade menu, because each territory comes with weapons or vehicles that can be aired to you. The soldiers you need to capture a territory are generated by going a little out of your way to blow things up, so if you’re something I’ve got you more than you ever need.

I [19659000] “

Just Cause 4 wants to enjoy all your destructive and playful impulses.

t is through airdrops that Just Cause 4 wants to pay tribute to all your destructive and playful impulses. Do you want a tank? What about a hunting beam? No problem – after some pretty easy-locks, with one click, all military hardware you can literally fall from the sky to make your next mission much more explosive. That makes things in nature a little less special, but I’m glad I can play with these toys whenever and wherever I want.

There are also less commands to involve in speed than ever before. Although there are tons and lots of locks to earn, Just Cause 4 no time in giving you access to your parachute, wings and grip – all you need to destroy somewhere on the island. As someone with a pretty firm grip on the basics, I was very pleased to not need earn all this again before the party began. To switch between parachute and glider to cover large terrain stretches quickly is almost unchanged since Just Cause 3, and I have no problem with it. Absurd as it is to pull off tricks so as to avoid autumn damage from any height by breaking the ground and pulling you faster than you already fall, it’s a great travel option that is unique to Just Cause and effectively uses it of skill.

One of the great new features of Just Cause 4 are the alternative grip modes, but they are more of a physical news than gameplay innovation. With a push of a button, you can cycle between three loads: the traditional retractor, attachable balloons straight out of Metal Gear Solid V that allow you to lift sheep or anything high up in the air and jets like (when manually activated), a victim starts uncontrollably through the air . It’s impressive how, after unlocking them, you can equip changes that tailor them to anything you have in mind: you can get balloons to explode when you’re destroying or floating where you’re looking or have jets of fire in different directions or burns

The credible retractor grip is basically the ultimate weapon.

But if you’re not more interested in creating fun GIF than fighting enemies in an interesting way, the latter two are both wild impractical in combat. It is relative to the trustworthy retractor, which is basically the ultimate weapon because it allows you to watch almost all two things in the world and make them kiss until one or both explode. The other two gripping modes and their unlockable modes are almost not as effective and are not used in single environmental puzzles at all. They are strict for making bizarre things happen like launching stacks s soldiers into the stratosphere. It’s all good and good – and often very fun – but it’s a pity. Avalanche could not find any real gameplay mechanics or challenges to build around.

Having said that, Just Cause’s struggle has not been a challenge in a good long time. Rico can absorb so much damage – and heal back to full health so quickly – that a typical enemy soldier puts him in the face is no more worrying than a tan. In fact, most of these battles are not a matter of whether you can defeat the soldiers of the mercenaries, who are sincere against you, as you can of course. When they roll up in a tank, all you have to do is look at it and press a button and suddenly your tank is tank. And especially when there are a significant number of enemies on the field at a time, their AI ceases to work and reduces them to punches. As long as you keep moving and remember to save out of a vehicle before it explodes, you will probably win. So the goal is to look good at drying the floor with them – which does not make me wrong, can be quite satisfactory. It’s the moment when the enemy throws all his firepower when Just Cause 4 feels most sensational, with chain reaction explosions and spectacular crashing right and left as you sail through the flames undamaged.

To Avalanche credit, there is a significantly improved enemy diversity that prevents you from blowing through their places as easily as before, including flying drones, soldiers with gripping shields, sneakers, grenades falling when they die and even temporary drag of power pans that act as mini-boss fights – because when attackers and tanks can be released as insects, you need the Iron Man Mark I armor to stand a chance. I’m looking forward to using some weaknesses: the guy with the deployable shield can believe he’s safe from my grip, but if I can catch a foot that stands out below, he’s about to get excited from the nearest building at that foot.

If I was watched with a weather-controlling machine, I would like to think I would do much more creative use of it.

I’ve waited a long time in this review to name the weather effects, and it’s due to great part of the fact that they are a little underutilized. For example, the visually impressive tornado takes forever to appear, and when it does, it can also be a solid object – try to get into it, Rico has bounced like he hit a wall . Other than that, you’ll see some areas where you will get your visibility limited by sandstorms or be zapped by thunderstorms if you fly too high for a long time, but if I was overweight with a weather-controlling machine, I would like to think I would do a lot more creative use of it.

We get some weapons using the same technology. Lightning Gun is a pretty underwhelming injury hose, but the wind gun is basically Rico’s version of to call FUS RO DAH and blow everything on its way. On the whole, almost all weapons have an all-four feature that usually represents the lack of grenades or charges – most weapons come with something that is at least as destructive, and the sticky diminisher fills that role nicely (although they are hard to date.]

So far, I’ve only been able to try the PC version, which runs smoothly and never crashed on my GTX 1080. Physics bugs are not rare, but usually fun – once, for example, I manned a tower in a boat and suddenly launched about a mile through the air. But only one mission needed to be restarted due to a script error. I had some problems with the strangely mapped menu controls on mouse and keyboard, including the extremely dumb lack of support for mapping controls to the mouse thumbnails. I could not unlock grip mode with the mouse – I had to switch to a controller to make it work. Flying a jet with the keyboard is just because you can not use the mouse to control. Hopefully we will get some video on the console versions as soon as we can see how it’s stacking up.

The judgment

Just Cause 4 has everything you expect from a Just Cause game, almost an error. Compared to just the reason 3 improvements are widespread in its beautiful open world, but generally less. So while blowing another dictator’s army, the same kind of thoughtless explosive fun and physics-based comedy that the series is based on, does not make much sense to incorporate the new weather conditions or oppose battle. It gives me a distinct “more of the same” feeling.

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