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Just cause 4 Easter egg turns the game into an indie hit

December 4, 2018 Technology 0 Views Lots of games contain easter eggs referring to other games. For example, literally every…

Lots of games contain easter eggs referring to other games. For example, literally every game released since 201

2 has included a Dark Souls fire in a dark corner of at least one map. Rarely, however, is the Easter egg straight up transforming a game into what it refers to. Just Cause 4 has gone the extra mile.

The latest introduction of the bold progressive three-way love story between a gripper hook, parachute and explosions contains an incredibly open reference to a game that can only create the opposite feeling: hate. I’m speaking of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy an indie game where you, a man stuck in a kettle, have to pull you up a junk with only the world’s most insecure hammer. By the end of last year, it became a Twitch and Steam sensation, because people like to torture themselves. Now it’s in Just Cause 4 -cauldron, developer story and everything.

As found by DANNYonPC and MathChief, the Easter Egg is in the form of a kitty and picking in an unscathed spot on the game’s map. If you interact with them, you’ll be taken to a Getting Over It page pivotal level complete with self-reflecting story from Bennett Foddy himself.

“I could have done another stupid weapon or pop culture reference,” he says. “Most like them, but not everyone is the same.” I created this easter egg for a certain kind of person. “To harm them.”

The Series Just Cause has always been about ridiculous verticality – if Quickly and easily catapulting yourself to heights that would give god vertigo and then crash aircraft to dictators. Getting over it on the other hand is about moving upwards with all the speed and efficiency of a sea turtle trying to overcome a rock climbing wall. So while this may seem like an odd fit for an Easter egg, you must first give the developer’s avalanche supplies to acknowledge the potential of what may be one of the most gambling singles in whiplash-inducing juxtaposition.

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