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Jurassic World Alive finally lands on Android as a Jurassic copy of Pokémon GO

Jurassic World Alive finally lands on Android as a Jurassic copy of Pokémon GO

If you were tired of going out to capture Pokémon with your smartphone, now you can become a seasoned hunter of dinosaurs without getting off the couch, because Jurassic World Alive has already reached the Google Play Store turned tofull right.

The title is released to accompany the premiere in the coming weeks of the new movie of the franchise, Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, and although in essence it is a game very similar to Pokémon GO , the certain thing is that the development realized by Ludia Inc. has quite interesting details far from the mechanics devised by Niantic.

What does not change is the augmented reality , base of the game, nor the use of our location and maps to allow us discover dinosaurs as we explore the world that surrounds us with the phone as a detector.

Try not to confuse Pokémon with dinosaurs …

Obviously both Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive are very similar games, and that is if the base of Pokémon GO is the hunting of monsters using the Real World ™ as the stage and the Poképaradas as refreshment, in Jurassic World Alive what we will hunt are dinosaurs and the supply points They will serve to rest and collect objects and rewards.

Saving this, the Jurassic title implements a flying drone that will allow us to get our dinosaurs extracting the DNA, and not hunting them as such … In addition, this same device will be able to sail the air to get dinosaurs without leaving home , traveling the map of our city on the flight.

There will be dinosaurs of all kinds and species, and even we can play gods with all the DNA collected, then we can recombine it in the laboratory to create new species by mixing different genetic codes, and witnessing the birth of our hybrid dinosaur.

Surely the best thing is that we can also compete against other players in real time, fighting in battles Player vs. Player with a minimum of four dinosaurs per side that we will choose from our collection. The mechanics of these battles are also similar to that of Pokémon GO, playing in turns.

Curious is to see that the graphics also look a lot like the Niantic game , although Jurassic World Alive has not avoided the comparison at any time nor has it denied its inspiration.

¿ Free-to-Play or Pay-to-Win ?

Jurassic World Alive is a free game , or at least download it and play it is possible to do it without going through the box. Of course, the currency used in the game to advance must be obtained as a reward during games, and our drone’s battery will run out if we do not find supplies on the map.

To go faster there is a subscription mode that costs $ 9.99 per month , or integrated purchases in the application that will allow you to play longer and advance levels much faster.

At least, as an incentive, Jurassic World Alive has a augmented reality mode with we can be photographed with dinosaurs found on our way, yes the battery of your smartphone survives, because these games consume resources at the speed of lightning.

If you want to try it, here we leave the link to the Google store …

Jurassic World Alive (free) | Google Play