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JuJu Smith-Schuster was trying to get Leon Bell paid by playing the Mega Millions lottery

JuJu Smith-Schuster is quite desperate to get Leon's Bell back in a Steelers uniform and on the football field. And…

JuJu Smith-Schuster is quite desperate to get Leon’s Bell back in a Steelers uniform and on the football field. And the broad recipient in Pittsburgh puts his own money at work.

Smith-Schuster said he was playing Mega Millions lottery tickets this week – over 100 in total – hoping to win a $ 1

.6 billion jackpot – not for himself, but for Bell. Allegedly. The Steelers wideout said so he finished an interview on Wednesday .

OK, so Smith-Schuster did not play the lottery exclusively for Bell. He also admitted that he wanted a big piece of the huge emails too. Of course.

Smith-Schuster is in the second year of a four-year, 4.2 million dollar rookie deal. Asked what he would have done with Mega Millions, Smith-Schuster said he would take care of his teammates, so it took jokes back.

Unfortunately, like the rest of us, Smith-Schuster unfortunately did not beat the jackpot, who had 1 in the game. “I would still play a ball but have better cars, better house, have better this lifestyle.” 302,575,350 odds. This means that Bell and Steelers will need to figure things out on their own, I suppose.

As we approach the halfway NFL season the 26-year-old Bell is still anchored in a stamina with Steelers who put the franchise tag on him over the offseason. The star who drives back wants a long-term business and is obviously ready to sit out until he gets it.

Maybe Bell will fit up again for Steelers. he does not. But in any case, Smith-Schuster can say he was trying to help.

“If you never play, you never know,” said the broad recipient. “I had to go in there and shoot my shot.”

He may not be (super) rich, but h an is clear.

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