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Judo: Does It Enhance Your Endurance?

Judo is a worldwide known sport and it’s one of the leading self-defense martial arts; Originated in Japan hundreds of years ago, the Samurai warriors were the first to practice it and as shown by several studies it’s in fact a top-class workout.

Judo includes a lot of moves like jumping, rolling, tackling, falling down, and many fighting techniques (like tangling legs and arms with the opponent in an attempt to block their movements as well as arm lock-downs).

Mastering judo needs a lot of time, energy, and effort, it also requires following a strict mental and physical routine.

Judo and endurance

Endurance enhancing cardio workouts include any sport activity that strengthen the muscles which in turn improves muscle endurance and its ability to practice regularly for long periods of time, thus improving the endurance of the entire body. Many studies have shown the importance of judo as an endurance enhancing workout and that signing up 7-12 years old children for judo courses is extremely important to maintain a healthy muscle growth and using built up energy.

Judo exercises effect varies depending on its nature and type, for judo requires flexibility, strength, and endurance, and practicing this sport for a long period of time results in overcoming fatigue, exhaustion, and physical weakness.

Every move in judo has its own meaning and purpose, for there are countless moves, as every part of the body can be moved in every direction, in a wide variety that increases muscles endurance and flexibility to the max, this is also supported by high concentration which helps in keeping the mind off fatigue and exhaustion, which all helps the body to adapt and increase its stamina and endurance.

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