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Judge Nap: Corsi's complaint against Mueller shows “Dark Side of Law Enforcement”

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared at "Outnumbered Overtime" to weigh in on several developments related to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's…

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared at “Outnumbered Overtime” to weigh in on several developments related to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, including conservative writer Jerome Corsi, filing a “criminal and ethical complaint” against Robert Mueller’s team of special advisers and accusing investigators of to try to rob him to give “false testimony” against President Trump.

The complaint, which Corsi threatened in days, is the latest escalation between Mueller’s law and its goals.

The 78-page document alleged the existence of a slow-motion coup against the president, filed a number of senior law enforcement officers including the attorney’s lawyer Matthew Whitaker, General Attorney General Advocate Michael Horowitz, DC US Attorney Jessie Liu and Bar Disciplinary Counsel.

Corsi, affiliated with political operative Roger Stone, has claimed last week that he was wrongly pressured by Mue ller’s law to reach an agreement that he now says he will not sign.

“Almost everything he has accused of prosecutors is the normal operational procedure for prosecutors,” said Napolitano, calling these tactics “the dark side of law enforcement.”

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” Prosecutors can force them to threaten they can lie, they can fool, they can do anything to actually commit a crime to remove evidence from a witness or to turn the witness to their side, Napolitano explained. “And that’s apparently what they’ve been trying to do with Jerry Corsi.”

When Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani questioned Mueller’s tactics and called himself unethical, Napolitano said what a lawyer representing the president should do.

“He has been very effective in convincing the public that Donald Trump’s accusation or impeachment is unsustainable. It does not convince a judge or jury but it convinces the public. And that’s what Rudy has spent his time on, says Napolitano.

He admitted that Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor himself, knows that the techniques he blasts are the same techniques he used.

“That’s the value he brings to the president. He knows how the government works. “[

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