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Jon Gruden Raiders made a huge fine for committing infringement marks

Since Jon Gruden took over as Raider's coach this year, the team has been unable to do so much, and…

Since Jon Gruden took over as Raider’s coach this year, the team has been unable to do so much, and it includes filling in his injury cases.

According to, Raiders has been fined a total of $ 20,000 for a badge breach that took place earlier this month.

When a team is playing on a Sunday, their final report is required for the NFL week to be released on Friday before the match. When Raiders released his report before his Week 5 game against chargers, Kevin Osemele was listed as doubtful with knee injury.

Osemeles injury was so serious that he did not stop traveling to Los Angeles for the game, which was how the Raiders ended up in hot water with NFL. If a player does not travel for a road game, the team will send out a new injury mark indicating that the player has downgraded to “out”. But Raiders never sent in their new injury mark or notified NFL that Osemele would not make the trip.

To make the mistake, Raiders owner Mark Davis must now sign a $ 20,000 check to the league.

On its own, it’s not a big deal, but in combination with everything else that has been happening in Oakland in recent months, it paints a picture of total dysfunction. From Khalil Mack’s trade to the grudge, questions the draft general manager’s head Reggie McKenzie, to the Gruden calling out his owner who begins quarterback, it has not been a fun year in Oakland if you do not think chaos are fun.

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