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Jokes and what they do against the game

If you have followed various high-profile players in different games, you would know that they fit into one of the…

If you have followed various high-profile players in different games, you would know that they fit into one of the two categories. They are either a pro player or they are someone who has built a fantastic society thanks to their charisma. But once upon a time, one of these players would be cheating and / or doing something illegal.

Let’s start with pro players because it’s one of the most serious problems because of what they stand for. Pro players represent a variety of organizations as the organization they play for, the companies they are sponsored by and the actual game they play competitively. Recently, an Indian CS: GO player Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat found cheating on a goalbot in a tournament final. The comments from those speculated games, fans and all other related had shown a very long distance for the player. To give you an idea of ​​how bad it looked, check this tweet here,

If you were a fan of the captured player’s team, that might be one of the most insulting things that can be done for the organization and you as a fan. Organizations will obviously try to recover from a PR perspective. In this case, OpTic India had dismissed Kumawat from his roster and left a statement about his attitude to cheating in any respect.

Of course, Kumawat was not the only cheater in the history of esport, but every instance that took place on stage could mean a step back for esport’s legitimacy in general. Organizers for different games had already hired the necessary support staff as judges and administrators to ensure that the game’s integrity is still solid.

On that listing, it is important to distinguish the player from the team / organization. Most of all, not all organizations will not be willing to risk their reputation for a little extra chance of winning a tournament. If these events occur, we strongly recommend that you keep an eye on their social media and organizers of the tournament for what they can decide to do in the situation.

There are many famous players like the arena & # 39; t pro players in different games. Sometimes they are known for their humor, knowledge or other forms of entertainment. These charismatic features have drawn fans and followers from young children to adults who love to watch them play and even comment on the games they play. They represent the game and the brand they play as (usually themselves). Due to their entertainment style, they can even be regarded as a form of pseudo ambassadors for the games they play.

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Recently, Gamers Classified had reported a Youtuber that had collected over 1.7 million subscribers on its channel. This special player played a well-known game, Fortnite, and was sued for cheating by Epic Games. Even though it’s not as serious as a player, it’s still a serious issue that epic games outlined when filing the trial.

A cheat in this regard places a blatant ignoring the policies that the developer / company had done and their co-workers. After all, many players would feel annoyed or angry they lost, not because they were playing but they were fooled by a chance to win.

Have you ever experienced a time when a player you followed was caught cheating? Comment below about what you experienced then!

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