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Johnson “Repent” but defends his NASCAR Daytona Clash Run – NASCAR

NASCAR Clash winner Jimmie Johnson feels "remorseful" over the race – decisive collision with Paul Menard throwing a lot off…

NASCAR Clash winner Jimmie Johnson feels “remorseful” over the race – decisive collision with Paul Menard throwing a lot off the field, but firmly believed it was a racing incident.

Wood Brothers Ford driver Menard dominated non-championship curtain raises until Johnson attempted to pass him for the lead 20 yards from the planned measures.

Contact led to Menard spinning into the wall and back in the package, with only eight of the 20 starters still driving on the head afterwards.

Heavy rain then led to the rest of the race being abandoned and Johnson declared the winner.

“When you run into someone and spin them you know what you did, Johnson said.

” I pulled up next to another car and a wreck started. “

“I’m going to take anything that is supposed to be put on me, but let’s remember that rain comes and how many plateaus have we seen where it’s aggressive driving to try to win the competition? It was simply all I did.

“I wasn’t trying to collide with Paul. I didn’t drive through Paul. It was a racing incident.”

“I’m very famous. I’m probably more famous than any driver in the field when that happens.

” I don’t collide people to win races. I looked in the mirror and there were a lot of cars that got stuck in it and I hate that aspect of it. So definitely I’m remorseful.

“But at the same time I have a shared second decision to try to win a competition and I set up the passport and stood positive on him.

” I do not know what was triggered by his car and so the accident began from there. “[19659002] Menard had also crashed in July in the Daytona Cup competition in an incident with Johnson and was critical of the seven

“Jimmie pulled down, I moved down a little bit, and the next I knew I turned left behind, “Menard said.” Jimmie does it a lot on these tracks. It’s unfortunate.

“We just turned. I didn’t really know what happened until I saw a re-play.

” I felt like it was aggressive side-throw. I turned to the inside and hooked to the right and the whole hell broke loose. “

Second and third place painter Kurt Busch and Joey Logano, both felt that Johnson had triggered the crash.

” I’m sure it’s not deliberately, but he definitely dumped him, “Logano said.

Busch’s Ganassi team initially asked NASCAR if Johnson would retain the win because it felt he had effectively taken the lead by entering the forbidden area under the double yellow line

Although Busch knew Johnson had been wrong, he stressed that the car’s instability in the current superspeedway aerodynamic package was also an important factor.

“He stayed in it “The no-zone” – I call it no zone – in the left-back quarter quarter-panel too far too far, and it just hit Menard around with him, “Busch said.

” It’s part of the instab the urgency of the draft that these cars show. “

” And that’s why we end a single file a lot because sometimes your move is your last move because the cars are so unstable. “

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