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John Wesley Shipp in the 90's Flash suit

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen change costumes and (probably) powers are not the only ugly things we will see in…

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen change costumes and (probably) powers are not the only ugly things we will see in this year’s Arrowverse crossover.

The annual Crossverse events between The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl have been extremely popular among fans because they have grown extensively each year. It changes this fall as Legends of Tomorrow puts this out (although it has something specially planned as a metastile response), but with the return of Superman, the debut of Batwoman and the “Elseworlds” title, the expectation was already very high.

Stephen Amell can only have figured out a way to stoke these flames flames even more. We already knew that we should see Amell like Flash and Grant Gustin as the Green Arrow in “Elseworlds” thanks to the crossover poster, some of which you can see above.

But they will also get companies in the form of another speedster, one that should be familiar to viewers of all ages. Here’s the “Elseworlds” image that Amell tweeted out today who already has Twitter in a tizzy:

It’s really John Wesley Shipp in his suit from 1

990-91 version of The Flash . It’s great to see that suit again, but it raises some big questions about what’s going on in crossover.

First possibility: It’s simply Shipp, which reprints his role as Jay Garrick, the Flash of the Arrowverse’s Earth-2, and he either adopted that costume in a call back to the previous TV series. Option 2: Whatever timeline player in charge of the Oliver / Barry swap has also spoken with Jay’s suit.

Then there is the third and probably the most exciting option, which means that in that way is 19459006 Barry Allen. It is certainly not impossible, given that Arrowverse creates an infinite number of alternative soils, as well as the “Elseworlds” concept, which in the series means stories of similar worlds that differ from the usual DC universe in just one or two important ways. 19659008] Next: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Fallout

Whatever the reason, image fans speak as much as they ever have during crossover construction. “Elseworlds” starts on Sunday December 9th at The Flash, continues on Arrow on December 9th and broken on Supergirl on December 10th.

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