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John Kelly, Trumps Chief of Staff, to leave the White House

December 8, 2018 US 0 Views WASHINGTON – John F. Kelly, Retired Naval Association dropped as President of Staff at…

WASHINGTON – John F. Kelly, Retired Naval Association dropped as President of Staff at President Trump last year to get orders for his chaotic white house, will leave the job at the end of the year, Trump said on Saturday, the latest departure from the president’s inner circle after a mid-level bruise for their party.

Mr. Trump spoke with reporters on the White House lawn before leaving for the Army-Navy football match in Philadelphia, saying he would announce a replacement for Kelly, maybe in between the next day or two.

“John Kelly will leave &#821

1; I do not know if I can say” senior citizen, “the president says.” But he’s a good guy. John Kelly will leave at the end of the year. ”

The leading candidate replacing Mr. Kelly is Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s Human Resources Officer and a Republican Political Operator who has the kind of knowledgeable about Mr. Trump’s longings. Mr. Kelly, a career military officer before he Trump’s first home security secretary lacked such experience.

Mr. Ayers, 36, has told Trump that he would serve in space during the spring when his family returns to Georgia, according to people familiar with the discussions. But Mr. Trump, who is in peace of the image of a White House in constant chaos, wants a full-time change and is concerned that Ayers will stay for a long time.

If the president eventually turns to another candidate, potential options include Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin; his budget manager, Mick Mulvaney, and the US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer.

Mr. Kelly’s forthcoming departure leaves Mr. Trump with a constant shrinkage They are close advisors when he starts navigating the new Capitol Hill power structure that will begin next month when Democrats take control of the house.

The Head of Human Resources also adds another prominent name to the list of core advisors who left after trying to deal with the president for almost two years at the office, which was often dismissed and sidelined for their efforts.

Mr. Kelly did not work on Friday. But mr. Trump and Kelly met in the White House resident on Friday night and have checked out the details of a departure that had been expected for several months, according to people familiar with the meeting. Mr Pence and Mr Ayers also participated in the meeting.

Mr. Kelly had planned to announce his retirement to senior employees on Monday, but Mr. Trump appeared to him at South Lawn on Saturday afternoon.

Although the president had previously shown that he said that Kelly, 68, would stay through the 2020 election, the chief executive had been blunt with several people in the White House that he planned to do it only through the midterm.

Presidents usually make staff changes after the middle of the election. During a major press conference the day following the vote, the president left questions about the workplace safety at Kelly and Jeff Sessions, attorney general at that time. Mr. Sessions were forced later in the day in a Twitter post .

“People Leave,” said Trump at that time, adding that he had not heard anything about leaving Kelly. [19659002] “It’s a very strenuous job – even if I love to do that, I have to tell you – but it’s hard for many people,” said Trump. “I’m surprised that many people, they start, they are young. They are there for two years, and they are old when they leave.”

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Mr. Kelly’s termination had long been rumored among signs that he and Mr. Trump had been annoyed with each other. The president – like freewheeling as Mr. Kelly is methodically – privatized that he thought his boss hid things from him and often bumped him on the west side on issues that were big and small.

The head of staff who often said privately that he did not believe Mr Trump appreciated or understood his own job had taken to say to colleagues “I do not need it” after such criticism from the president.

But for months, dysfunctional dynamics continued without firing or leaving.

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