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John Kelly and John Bolton have cheered match over immigration

Week before the middle of the congressional election, Mr Trump tries to raise the issue of illegal immigration, an animation…

Week before the middle of the congressional election, Mr Trump tries to raise the issue of illegal immigration, an animation for the base of conservative white voters who run his campaign and one that many Republicans lean to try to stay in place.

The White House declined to comment directly on the distinction between Kelly and Mr Bolton, but after a few hours he expressed a statement on Thursday night indicating that there was no bad blood in West Wing.

“While we are burning to solve the issue of illegal immigration, we are not angry with each other,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, in a statement that spelled down the Civil War in West Wing and instead said Mr. Trump’s team was Mr Trump said last month that the United States would review its foreign aid with an eye on just giving it to those who respect us sincerely our friends and Bolton have advocated withdrawal. Kelly, a senior marionist and former United States Southern Command Commander who oversees military operations in Central and South America has made American aid crucial to helping the region to handle its drug and economic problems, thereby preventing an even greater flood of migration to the United States.

President Even renewed complaints about immigration appear to be partly driven by new tasks. Figures pooled by the Department of Homeland Security show that Trump’s policy, including his administration’s decision to separate children from their parents at the border, has not prevented people from trying to gain access to the United States.

The data, which has not yet been released publicly by the administration but received by The New York Times, shows that 16 658 people traveling in families were arrested at the border last month, the highest month total and a total of 107 212 were arrested over it last year, the highest ever for families. It is significantly higher than the previous year’s 77,857 in the fiscal year 2016.

Although Sanders insisted the White House was pleased with its own immigration efforts. “Although we have the worst laws in the world and no help from democrats, our administration does a good job on the border,” she said.

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