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John Dean: Nixon official sentenced to roll in Watergate says Trump will face persecution

John Dean, a white house council under President Richard M. Nixon who was imprisoned for his role in the Watergate…

John Dean, a white house council under President Richard M. Nixon who was imprisoned for his role in the Watergate scandal, said Friday that allegations against President Trump described in new court applications give Congress a “small choice” commence persecution procedures.

The dean’s comments, made under CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” segment, follow the release of a legal memo from federal prosecutors in New York about Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen. Prosecutors wrote that Cohen had involved Trump in the arrangement of hush-money payments to women during the 201

6 election.

“I do not know that this will forever disappear in a dark hole of unexplained presidents,” said Dean. “I think it will be reopened in Congress. I think what this totality of today’s applications shows that the House will have a little choice, how it goes, in addition to launching procedures.”

Dean, acting as the 1970 Nixon Council until 1973, was elected by the president to conduct a special inquiry into the Watergate scandal. He would continue to accuse Nixon for direct involvement in the cover, even by agreeing to describe how various White House officials tried to block investigations in the incident. He was accused of impeding justice and eventually serving four months in prison.

Cohen memo prosecutors released Friday for three people at a meeting in August 2014: Cohen, “Individual-1” and “Chairman-1”. Based on statements In memo, it can be determined that Individual-1 is Trump, and people familiar with the case told The Washington Posts Matt Devin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky that President-1 is David Pecker from National Enquirer.

“In August 2014, President-1 had met Cohen and Individual-1 and had offered to help address negative stories about Individual-1’s relationship with women by identifying such stories so that they could be purchased and killed, saying prosecutor’s memorandum.

Payments were made to two women who claimed that they had sexual relations with Trump before joining President: Playboy model Karen McDougal – who came to an agreement with publisher of National Enquirer that she would not share her story of relationship and adult movie actor Stormy Daniels, who received $ 130,000 to be silent about a relationship involving Trump.

In August, Cohen charged himself with breaching campaign finance legislation to make the arranged payments. He also charged himself with others crimes, including making a false statement to a bank and later lying to the congress on one t Trump-labeled real estate project in Moscow.

Cohen, referring to the fact he has collaborated with investigators, had requested an opinion without imprisonment. But in the almost 40-sided memorandum, New York recommended prosecutor Cohen to get a “significant” sentence, possibly 3½ years.

White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said Friday that Cohen filings “say nothing about value that was not already known.”

Dean, who was a 1973 congressional congressional congress on the Watergate scandal, has been critical of Trump earlier. In a November tweet, he compared Trump and Nixon, and simply said “Trump = evil.”

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