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Joe Jonas Dresses like Sophie Turner's GoT Character for Halloween

Joe Jonas picked a Halloween costume close to his heart. On Saturday, DNCE singer 29 sent her fiancé Sophie Turner…

Joe Jonas picked a Halloween costume close to his heart.

On Saturday, DNCE singer 29 sent her fiancé Sophie Turner 22 by dressing herself as Thrones game character Sansa Stark. Meanwhile, Turner went like an elephant.

Jonas had on his suit a length of blue in length with gold embroidery, watchmuffs and a deep neckline. He parade the appearance with a flowing red wig that hit his face.

Turner became cozy in a gray mania – complete with floppy ears, a trunk and white teeth.

Jonas and Turner participated in Kate Hudson & # 39; s annual Halloween bash is presented by Amazon at director Simon Kinberg’s house. Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and her new husband Brad Falchuk, Olivia Munn, Rachel Zoe, Sara Foster, Sarah Silverman and other stars also participated.

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At his Instagram Story, Jonas played hilariously Game of Thrones music as he dramatically went out behind a door . He killed the camera right before turning his head up and turning his sleeves.

Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner / Instagram

On his Instagram story, Turner released two playful souls, one solo and one with Jonas in her elephant suit.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner / Instagram

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner / Instagram

On a picture of some ghostly Halloween decorations, Turner fans offered a look at what seemed to be an infinity pool colored green with witch hats flowing in it. 19659019] Jonas’ Halloween get-up can be the closest he takes a role in Game of Thrones who sends his last season’s six episode in the beginning of 2019.

“I should have done Game of Thrones cameo] in a heartbeat, but unfortunately it will not happen, “said Jonas Variety earlier in October. “It would have been amazing. I would have loved it.”

“I can not wait for it to come back and I do not want to know any destroyer,” added Jonas. “Sophie will not tell me and she knows if she told me I’d be so heartbreaked because I’m so big fan of the show. I’d be pissed off.”

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