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Jim Carrey Flames Donald Trump in Britannia Awards Acceptance Numbers – Rolling Stone

Jim Carrey delivered a revoking political speech at the Britannia Awards on Friday night when the actor received the British…

Jim Carrey delivered a revoking political speech at the Britannia Awards on Friday night when the actor received the British Academy’s Charlie Chaplin Award for Humor. Raised Chaplin as his personal “artistic and humanitarian hero”, Carrey drew parallels between Chaplin and now.

Notes that Chaplin grew up with an absent father and a mother who was engaged in an asylum when he was 14 years old Carrey said, “That kind of pain makes some people, as we recently saw, a monster. And others to creativity . “

Carrey pointed out that Chaplin was a critic of” capitalism without conscience “and said” that’s what we have today “. Carrey added: “He took on today’s American right wing, its worst evil, hatred for immigrants, contempt for truth, greed and abuse of power. We are fighting for the same iniquities today.”

Moving to President Donald Trump, Carrey criticized his administration’s immigration removal policy and the conspiracy theories that have been common since Trump entered the political arena. “Shamelessness is not or will never be a superpower. It’s the mark of a villain.” Kidnapping children are not what big nations do. Almost half of America believe in this moment that there is an unpleasant deep condition that devil is planning to .. What? Give them healthcare? “

He continued to say,” We in America are misinformed. Reality show has shrunk our idea of ​​what a hero is or what the truth is. So tonight I would like to award this award to them which reminds us of our virtues, reminding us of the truth. “

He then called some of these people: Christopher Steele, author of the Trump documentation; Christine Blasey Ford, who accused the Supreme Court of Justice, nominated Brett Kavanaugh of assault; Colin Kaepernick, NFL quarterback-turned activists; and actor Robert De Niro, who received one of the bombs sent to the top democrats and left-wing public figures in the past week.

The actor opened his speech with a joke about the bombs and said about the price: “I’m glad it did not get into the mail … Maybe a little soon.”

“Yes, I no longer have packages delivered to my home in the great America that has been designed in recent years, he continued. “I never remember it’s so good really.”

Carry’s speech came on his heels and released his latest artwork, containing one of the bombs who comes out of Trumps mouth. In a tweet that followed the drawing, Carrey said the perpetrator was “adorned by Donat Trump’s hate speech.”

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