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Jim Armitage: Philip Green called me an onion but it could end in tears for him

A generation of journalists outta the verbal abuse they have received from Sir Philip Green over the years. My favorite…

A generation of journalists outta the verbal abuse they have received from Sir Philip Green over the years.

My favorite was the time he called me a “f king king” for suggesting Arcadia might not be doing so well.

He’s sometimes threatened journalists with violence I’m ashamed to admit I do not wear).

But he never meant it.

It was always meant to be funny, and very often, it was.

Take the time when he took exception to a piece in these pages about him.

Rather than just phone up and complain, he sent into the office a squashed cuddly toy cat in a basket lined with a shredded copy of the article. Cat litter.

You could portray that as a Godfather-like Sicilian message, or you could see it as what it was: a joke, and quite a good one at that.

So be slightly skeptical when you read journalists writing with faux fear about their terror at the hands of the Monaco billionaire.

But while it’s one thing to abuse the media, outsiders with the privileged job of holding the rich and powerful to account, it’s another totally to behave that way towards your staff; de mænd og kvinder som stole på dig for deres livelihoods.

Tales are legion of Green bullying, belittling and shouting at his employees.

That was bad enough. But allegations, which Green denies, of sexual harassment are in a different league.

Such alleged behavior in corporate life has always been despicable, obviously. But in the tinderbox post-Weinstein environment, it has the potential to be a business killer. Straks før noen af ​​de påstande er blevet testet i en retspleje, er forbud mot kampanjer Arcadia’s brands.

This may start small, but it only takes criticism from a celebrity or two (Green’s former A-lists friends, maybe?) For it to spread like wildfire.

If a #Metoo firestorm gets really going big companies [1

9659000] If high street brands, including Arcadia, are struggling so badly, this is no time to be a pariah.

It could, of course, all blow over just as the BHS pension crisis seemed to be.

After all, British shoppers kept flocking to the cheap chains despite all the scandals about child labor and slavery in their factories.

How’s PG taking it all? Hard to say. When I called him this morning, expecting a flea in the ear, he was not answering. That’s unusual.

You get the feeling that he knows this could all be very badly.

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