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Jenna Folwell: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know

MCSO Jenna Folwell Jenna Folwell called 911 and said she approached someone in a park that put a bag on…


Jenna Folwell

Jenna Folwell called 911 and said she approached someone in a park that put a bag on her head and abducted her baby. A few hours later, her 4-week-old death, in her apartment, was found inside a duffel bag.

Folwell, 19, was accused of first-degree murder, according to the police, and held at $ 1 million in Maricopa County, Arizona prison.

The teenage mother had been looking for ways to kill her baby, the police claimed, based on a review of her internet history.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Folwell claimed that her baby was kidnapped from a park in Chandler, Arizona

 Jenna Folwell

Jenna Folwell

Folwell called 911 Wednesday afternoon to report her baby was kidnapped. She told the police that someone covered her head with some kind of bag and kidnapped her son. She told the police that she did not look suspicious. The police immediately began searching in the park, the neighborhood and a door-to-door cloth, according to reports. The police also watched surveillance cameras. Further law enforcement was called on the search.

But detectors felt something was not right and confronted Folwell with his story. She relented and gave them a story.

2nd Folwell then claimed that her baby accidentally sustained

But her story did not make the # 39; Do not hold up Armed with an investigation order, the police went through their phone. And there they found evidence that she had planned to kill newborns, according to police reports.

3rd Reports say Folwell Googled Ways To Kill His Baby

According to police and local media reported, once police went through Folwell’s phone, they found her search history found entries in her browser that included ways to kill children, how long it takes a baby to drown and ask why some parents are killing their children.

According to the police, Folwell acknowledged that she brought her son to the bath and allowed him to drown. She told the police that she would not hear him cry anymore, reported local media.

She told the detectives that she tried CPR without debt. The newborn was dead and she stored her body in a black bag.

4th The children’s father appealed to a judge to keep his mother’s mother locked

In his first appearance on Thursday, the child’s father was allowed to take up the court.

“In January 2018, I learned that I would be a father for the first time. On September 22, 2018, my son Rainer (Canku) was born. Rainer was a perfect baby and had such a happy and peaceful experience. He spent the night a couple of times and he was perfect. I will never get any first with my son. I will not be able to see him go and talk. I will not be able to see him play catch or fish. I can not even take He went to school. She took my life with Rainer when she took her life. She could have reached me and my family. We should have taken care of one another, “he said.

“I ask the referee not to allow any bonds or drops. I want her to have a life without parole … she can live every day and know what she did for the poor innocent child. The pain she has caused I have no definition. “

5. Folwell’s mother has been criticized but also supported and protected by anyone in the community

 Jenna Folwell

Jenna Folwell

Folwell’s social media Instagram and Facebook have pictures of nature, sunsets and her dog. There are no pictures of Rainer on any platform, at least pictures that are publicly available. She has a snapcaht, jenna_folwell55. She grew up in Falls River, Wisconsin.

Her mother Julie Folwell has shared a number of pictures of her daughter on Facebook over the years. And on Thursday, some took her Facebook page to attack her. Others protected her and reminded her that she had lost a daughter and a grandson.

“This mother probably has a nervous breakdown when we speak. Leave her alone. She is not responsible for her daughters actions. And the woman who continues to talk about bonds. Well, you can find out when they are teenagers and adults. they change and there is no band anymore. A parent can only do so much. Exit this blame on the mother and pray for both the daughter and the mother. “

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