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Jenelle Evans Went On A Date Night With David Eason After Assault Call Surfaced

It looks like everything is okay between Jenelle Evans and David Eason … or, at least, that's what they want…

It looks like everything is okay between Jenelle Evans and David Eason … or, at least, that’s what they want fans to believe. On Oct. 19th a 911 call was released from Oct. 13, when Jenelle called the police sobbing and saying that David “assaulted” here. Men nu er de alle elskery-dovey enjoying a date night. So, what’s going on?

Almost immediately after the tape was dropped, in which Jenelle says she thinks David “cracked her collarbone,” Jenelle shared photos from a day by the water with her husband and their baby girl Ensley. In one of the photos, David is kissing the top of Jenelle’s head and has his arm around her, and she captioned it, “Enjoying every second of my life,” seemingly ignoring the horrific incident just days earlier.

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Later that day, David took Instagram stories to share videos from a fancy date night with Jenelle, where he took her to a steak house and they went all-out. At one point he shows all the food and says, “and the best thing that I’m going to eat all night is …” and turns the camera on Jenelle. She seems happy in the video, laughing and shaking her head, but David was getting so much backlash in the comments of his Instagram that he turned them off completely.

What happened in that call sounded anything but romantic. Jenelle was by herself, as she said she “does not know what to do” and warned the 911 dispatcher that she had four sleeping kids in the house as police were sent to her residence. Even on the phone, she seemed to be making excuses for David’s actions, saying, “He’s been drinking, and I think he got violent because he’s been drinking.”

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Fans can not get over that, and seeing the evening on the town as if nothing happened just made them more upset. “I guess a fancy dinner will make up for the assault on your wife last weekend, right David Eason?” Asked one outraged Twitter user. “Punk a-woman beating b-ch. Regardless of how people feel about Jenelle, no woman deserves that. Can not imagine how terrified those kids are. “” David and Jenelle out o n a steak dinner date 🙄 I mean really? This is psychotic, “said another. “I think he’s forcing her to go out and pretend everything is fine & dandy between them. Hun slettede alle sociale medier og nu er han i kontroll med hvad vi ser. “

We certainly wish Jenelle all the best in this difficult time.

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