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Jeff Bezos: “Amazon is not too big to fail,” but breweries can be

Jeff Bezos can be the richest man in modern history and to the other company's rota to join the $…

Jeff Bezos can be the richest man in modern history and to the other company’s rota to join the $ 1 billiard club, but he has no illusions about Amazonian’s future.

Speaking to employees at a comprehensive meeting last week, Bezos said that “Amazon is not too big to fail”. According to CNBC, he continued to predict that Amazon will ever fail and go bankrupt. “Looking at big companies, their lifespan tends to be 30 plus years, not a hundred plus years.”

Amazon, founded in 1994, is approaching almost 30 years. To postpone the end of the company’s life, Bezos claimed that Amazon must focus its energy on its customers, rather than worrying about the internal dynamics that play.

If we start focusing on us, he explained, “Instead of focusing on our customers, it will be the beginning of the end. We must try to delay that day for as long as possible.”

Bezos continued by sharing two other wisdom with Amazon employees. The first was to ensure that Amazon continues to differ from all other major technology companies, emphasizing its different business model and focus on “improving the lives of customers”.

Note that none of these technical giants are the same, Sade Bezos: “I do not want to fight this kind of big technology impression. I just want to talk about Amazon.”

And while a magical elixir does not exist to ensure the company’s long lifetime, he built, told Bezos the presence that he found that breweries seem to be the type of company lasting.

“Most of the companies that are hundreds of companies are breweries,” he said. “It’s very interesting &#821

1; I’m not sure what it says about society.”

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