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The month of June is usually the time preferred by companies, apart from Christmas, to present their main offers facing the summer season. We are talking about some dates where more portabilities are carried out in Spain and this is the fault of the promotions of the different operators that give away data or calls in order to win new customers.

Jazztel is one of the first operators to start showing their offers for the summer, and this time the operator “low-cost” of Orange has chosen to give away 10 GB of data to surf the Web to their customers. The company launches a new bonus with 10 GB of mobile data , designed for those customers who need more data and do not want to run out of GB during the holidays. And it is that we are in the months that more time we spend outside of house, something that can bring us unpleasant surprises in the invoice at the end of the summer.

Jazztel offers 10 GB free data bonuses to its customers this summer

Jazztel offers 10 GB free data bonuses to its customers this summer

Conditions to get the free 10 GB of Jazztel

The new customers of Jazztel they will have this “summer bonus” free of charge, as the operator has called this offer, if they contract any of the convergent rates of the brand between June 3 and July 31. Of course, the bonus with 10 Gb of free Jazztel data It will not expire until the end of the summer, because you can enjoy this amount of data until September 23, that is, throughout June, July, August and the first 3 weeks of September. The promotion will not be restricted to monthly cycles or billing periods.

The additional data of Jazztel will be activated once the content in the rate is consumed, so if you have contracted, for example, 5 GB of data in your rate, you will only start using that 10 GB bonus when the 5 GB contracted are consumed. With each new billing cycle, the contracted data is re-consumed and the surplus of the 10 GB bonus consumed the previous month is enabled when the 5 GB of this new month is consumed.

This additional bonus with 10 GB free of Jazztel data adds to the recent launch of the brand’s new roaming offer to travel to countries outside the European Union, “Jazztel for the world” . The aim of this new promotion is for Jazztel’s customers to be unconcerned with their voice and data rates during their trips abroad.