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Jazztel expands roaming to talk and navigate outside Europe


Jazztel presents the batch of novelties for all those who usually travel abroad on a regular basis. So far the Jazztel roaming was limited to the European Union but, with the offer Jazztel around the world , roaming is expanded to talk and navigate outside of Europe without affecting our monthly telephone rate.

Starting today, the Jazztel offer for the world, which is included within the WoW packages! operator. The aim of this new promotion is for Jazztel’s customers to be unconcerned with their voice and data rates during their trips abroad. Until now they could forget during their vacations within the European Union, but now a new compendium of countries join the Jazztel roaming offer.

The new bonus “Jazztel for the world” It equally affects customers who only have a mobile phone contract as well as users who operate with the company within a convergent package. now all of them can save on their telephone bills when they travel to the United States, the US, Canada, Mexico, Andorra, Morocco, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Chile, China or Japan. These regions join all the countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

This Jazztel roaming bonus has 100 MB to navigate during a period of 24 natural hours for € 7 (VAT included) at the same time it includes 30 minutes to call during a period of 24 natural hours for the same price.

Jazztel expands roaming to talk and navigate outside Europe

Conditions of contract

Jazztel expands roaming in this way to travel almost all over the globe, but before hiring this bonus you must take into account the conditions of it:

  • The service does not require an activation fee nor does it have monthly fees.
  • You just have to activate it once. It is not necessary to activate it again every time you travel abroad.
  • Only the fee is paid on the day you speak or browse in any of the countries included.
  • It is automatically renewed when the 100 MB of navigation or the 30 minutes are exhausted.

If you want to try this new “roaming” bonus from Jazztel you are in luck, as the operator celebrates the arrival of this new offer by giving away the first voice bonus and the first bonus of data that the customer consumes during the month of May. The trip outside Europe already runs on your part.