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Jaybird Tarah Pro sports earphones deliver a lot of battery life of 14 hours

The Tarah Pro is available in three color options. David Carnoy / CNET Jaybird has done something a little annoying.…

The Tarah Pro is available in three color options.

David Carnoy / CNET

Jaybird has done something a little annoying. Instead of releasing all of its 2018 wireless sports heads, they shifted their releases in recent months. First came X4 sold at $ 1

30. Then Tarah arrived a cheaper model that cost $ 100. Now we get $ 160 Tarah Pro, the latest and most prestigious of the 2018 models.

What’s a bit confusing are they look pretty similar – and everyone has Jaybird’s new buds and fins that provide a safer and more comfortable fit. But they have their differences, and the Tarah Pro is clearly the best of the gang, with an impressive 14 hour battery life, magnets in the knobs and a no-stick fabric cable that is reflective (if you happen to be running at night).

Tarah Pro also sounds a bit better than both Tarah and X4 and features a superior USB charging station that magnetically attaches to the inline remote control, making it very easy to connect (with Tarah and X4 you have to cut inline remote control to the charging accessory) . I should also mention that the folded Tarah does not contain a protective carrying case while this model does it (X4 runs as well).

Jaybird’s cordless headphones require their own charging accessory is a bit of an inconvenience (if you lose it, you can not load the headphones), but the design allows for a very thin, easy-in-line remote control that makes it less noticeable, especially when driving . If you choose to wear the headphones with the cord that sits around the upper part of your ear, with the cord cinched, the remote control is contoured to sit against the neck. This model makes it easy to switch between the ears and ear positions – you simply twist the bid while the earpiece and the pencil are in your ear.

Tarah Pro has a new “no stick” “Fabric cable with reflective threads woven into it.

David Carnoy / CNET

My only problem with Tara Pro was that even the biggest tip / fine combination did not fit me properly (I did not have this problem with Tarah or X4). The oval-shaped tip did not completely seal my ear canal so I lost a small base if I did not press each knot (you can wear these under a helmet).

If you can get a tight seal headphones sound pretty good for this kind of headphones, with decent clarity and bass, and you can fine tune the sound in the Jaybird app.

I’m still testing these guys and comparing them with Tarah and X4, but will get a full review with further views in the near future. As I said, despite my little problem with the ear tip, Tarah Pro is clearly the best of Jaybird’s models and a very good wireless sports door. But with all the competition, like full wireless headphones like Apple’s AirPods and Jabra’s Elite Active 65t cost around the same price, I think it should come down with $ 20 to $ 30. Maybe on time it will come.


David Carnoy / CNET

  • Important Specifications
    • Waterproof
    • Waterproof IPX7 (can be immersed to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).
    • New knobs and fins provide better comfort and ergonomics.
    • Speed ​​Cinch Cord Management System
    • 14 Hour Battery Life
    • Slim and Lightweight Controller
    • “Durable Sports Cable” with Reflective Threads
    • 5 minute charge gives you two full hours of playing time.
    • Magnetic Snap Lock feature automatically pause your music when the earplugs are stuck and stuck around the neck.
    • Customize basic and tweeter settings in the Jaybird app.
    • Available in three color combinations (Black / Flash, Mineral Blue / Jade and Titan / Glacier).
    • Price: $ 160 (No word yet at international pricing, we will add it as soon as we get it)
    • Delivery in November 2018
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