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Japan, India leaders build ties among trade, security barriers

By ] Yuri Kageyama | AP 28 October at 02:17 TOKYO – Japan and India leaders confirm their ties among…

TOKYO – Japan and India leaders confirm their ties among growing concerns about trade and regional stability.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived on Saturday, met Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on a resort near Mount Fuji on Sunday. Modi also visits a nearby factory by major Japanese robot maker Fanuc.

Relations with China are a major issue shared by Modi and Abe, as their cooperation can balance China’s growing regional influence and military assertiveness.

“India-Japan Partnership has been fundamentally transformed and has been strengthened as a” special strategic and global partnership “, says Modi to Kyodo News Service.” There are no negative but only opportunities in this relationship waiting to be seized . “

Modi chose Japan among the first nations who visited after taking power four years ago. He has urged Indo-Pacific countries to reconcile protectionism and transfrontier tensions.

Another sign of closer relations comes India and Japan also to hold their first joint military exercises involving the land forces and start thereafter month.

Abe has just returned from China where he met President Xi Jinping and agreed that the two nations “shared more common interests and concerns “.

President Donald Trump’s policy focuses most on China with customs, but also Japan and Other nations accusing them of unfair commercial practices are working to propose India and Japan to promote their economic ties.

Japan’s investment in India, for example, has space to grow. Japan helps India to build a super-fast rail system.

Abe has strengthened and opened the nation’s economy central to its policy called “Abenomics” and has encouraged trade, foreign investment and tourism.

Although Japan has long seen the United States as its foremost allies, especially in the defense, Abe is dominant other band. He has also been dealing with free trade, which is contrary to Trump’s efforts to raise tariffs.

Earlier this year, Japan signed a landmark affair with the EU that will eliminate almost all tariffs on products they are dealing with. European and Japanese leaders promised to strengthen their partnership for defense, climate change and human exchange to send what they called a clear message against protectionism.

Abe and Modi hold a more formal summit on Monday in Tokyo.

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