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James Woods reaches over the policy to help Alyssa Milan in the California Wildfire

November 10, 2018 Entertainment 2 Views Conservative actor James Woods set the politics on Friday in an effort to help…

Conservative actor James Woods set the politics on Friday in an effort to help prominent Progressive and Mig Movement Alyssa Milan when a furious southern California fire department threatened his home.

Milan would desperately seek a safe place for his family’s horses as she and her husband evacuated their home with their two children.

Woods wrote a message on his Twitter account if someone could help the actress.

Previously, Donald Trump supporter even advised Milan about what he would do if she could not be Finns not a safe place for the horses.

Offers of safe places for the horses came in and Milan tweeted soon that ” everything with heartbeat is safe ” and thanked people for their concern. It was not immediately clear if help came through Woods Twitter Foundation.

Woods Twitter account with its 1.84 million followers has become a sort of clearinghouse for those looking for missing loved ones or help – as well as for those who offer

Woods has initially added a dedicated hash tag #CampFireJamesWoods for the deadly river north of Sacramento in Butte Country which has burned about 70,000 hectares.

He later added #SoCalFiresJamesWoods for Hill Fire near Hill Canyon in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, which burned 6000 acres of Friday morning and the 14,000 acres of Woolsey fire south of the Simi Valley in Los Angeles County. Malibu housing threatened by Woolsey was ordered evacuated Friday.

After a missing lover was confident after a remark on his Twitter account, Woods considered the social media business “so much more rewarding than argue politics”. He assured followers that he was safe and far from the fire, visiting New England.

Twitter followers were easy to Milan her The family and her horses were all safe. But she was also attacked by haters for help.

Despite some attacks, even by co-conservatives to Wood’s appeal to Milan, he was generally famed from both sides of the fence to temporarily abolish his policy to help all in need. Some saw the support as a way beyond the current division in the country.

It is unlikely that Woods will now tear down its highly charged political messages. On Wednesday, he struck the Democratic Georgian governor Stacey Abrams to refuse to acknowledge GOP candidate Brian Kemp in a very tight race while votes were still counting. Woods called it “not so neat, but not surprisingly.”

Milan also did not return, but took some time:

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