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Jamal Murray adds a new chapter to his campaign of Lakers Antagonism

November 28, 2018 Sports 0 Views Jamal Murray apparently seems to be a guy to the Lakers. In December last…

Jamal Murray apparently seems to be a guy to the Lakers. In December last year, he caused a short hell by dribbling freely around Lonzo Ball in the last seconds of a Nugget’s home win. Three months later, he pissed again Lakers-and pulled a classic, not crazy response from Lonzo-with something he said either to Lonzo or Luke Walton at the last minute in another Nugget’s home win. It was obvious then that the Lakers very much do not appreciate Murray’s showboating.

Lonzo Ball and The Lakers Beefing With Jamal Murray

Back in December, at the end of a Nuggets home win over the Lakers, Jamal Murray engaged in some …

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The Lakers got a revenge less than a week later when Nuggets visited Los Angeles and Murray was serenaded with a “Murray Sucks!” Singing under a nine-point Lakers win. Isaiah Thomas chuckled a ball on him, the team was screaming for a hard foul, and the hostility between the teams was cemented. It’s a good NBA beef.

Tuesday night hit Nuggets shit out of the Lakers, again at home, this time with the score 117-85. 85 points is the minimum score of the Lakers this season, and the 32-point final margin has made for the worst Lakers loss of this new LeBron era. But before things came back, back in the second quarter, after a blocked Lance Stephenson arrangement, Trey Lyles threw a long outlet loss to Murray, who pumped Kentavious Caldwell-Pope fouled into low ground and then fell in a blueprint to push Denver’s lead to nine points. After the kick, Murray saw Caldwell-Pope:


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