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Jamal Khashoggi's private WhatsApp messages can offer new clues to kill

CNN has been granted exclusive access to the correspondence between Khashoggi and Montreal-based activist Omar Abdulaziz. The messages shared by…

CNN has been granted exclusive access to the correspondence between Khashoggi and Montreal-based activist Omar Abdulaziz. The messages shared by Abdulaziz, which includes voice recordings, images and videos, paints a picture of a man deeply worried about what he considered as the powerful young princes equalization of his king.

The exchanges reveal a progression from speech to action – “The couple had begun to plan an online youth movement that would keep the Saudi state into account. “[Jamal] believed that MBS is the problem, is the problem and he said this child should be stopped,” said Abdulaziz in an interview with CNN.

However, in August, when he believed that their conversation might have been intercepted by Saudi authorities,

Two months later he was dead.

Abdulaziz is now going to court an Israeli company who invented the software he thinks was used to hacking his phone. “The hacking of my phone played an important role in what happened to Jamal, I’m really sorry to say,” Abdelaziz CNN said. “Debt kills me.”

 Omar Abdulaziz believes that the Jewish authorities intercepted private messages between him and Jamal Khashoggi.

SIM card and financial support

Abdulaziz began pra take out the Saudi regime as a college student in Canada. His keen criticism of government policy drew attention to the Saudi state, which interrupted his university’s scholarship. Canada granted him asylum in 2014 and made him permanent resident three years later.

In almost daily exchanges between October 2017 and August 2018, Khashoggi and Abdulaziz thought plans to form an electronic army to engage young Saudi homes and debunk state propaganda on social media utilizing Khashoggi’s establishment profile and 27-year-old Abdulaziz’s 340,000 strong Twitter followers.

The digital offensive, known as “cyberbier”, had emerged from previous discussions on creating a portal to document human rights violations in its home country also an initiative to produce short films for mobile distribution.

“We have no parliament, we only have Twitter,” said Abdulaziz, adding that Twitter is also the strongest weapon of the government in Saudi Arabia. “Twitter is the only tool they use to fight and spread their rumors. We have been attacked, we have been insulted, we were threatened so many times and we decided to do something.”

The couple’s order involved two key elements that Saudi Arabia might have regarded as hostile acts. The first involved sending foreign SIM cards to the dissidents at home so they could tweet without tracking. The other was money. According to Abdulaziz, Khashoggi promised an initial $ 30,000 and promised to drum support from rich donors under the radar.

In an exchange, dated May this year, Abdulaziz writes to Khashoggi. “I sent you some ideas about the electronic army. By email.”

“Brilliant Report”, answers Khashoggi. “I’ll try to sort out the money. We have to do something.”

  • Omar Abdulaziz
    I sent you a brief idea of ​​the work of the electronic army
  • Jamal Khashoggi
    Brilliant report. I will try to sort out the money. we have to do something.
  • You know, sometimes I’m affected by their attacks and hate tweeting.

A month later confirms another message sent by Abdulaziz the first transfer of $ 5,000 has arrived. Khashoggi answers the thumbs up.

But in early August, he says he received a word from Saudi Arabia that government officials were aware of the couple’s online projects. He passed the news to Khashoggi.

“How did they know that?” asks Khashoggi in a message.

“It must have been a gap,” says Abdulaziz.

Three minutes pass before Khashoggi writes back: “God helps us.”

  • Omar Abdulaziz
    When they heard of bin, they were really worried and disturbed, the officials. They arrested many people and ravaged many places. I should cut the group and communication. I’m glad you’re abroad and you’re sure.
  • Jamal Khashoggi
    How did they know about bin?
  • Family Safety
  • Omar Alzahrani
    I started creating groups
  • ] I started doing some work and it must certainly have been a gap
  • Tenotal people must have been involved in this.
  • Can you imagine that my brother said Omar did not tweet Canada and about bin.
  • !
  • Otherwise I will go to prison
  • Jamal Khashoggi
    God help us.
  • Omar Alzahrani
    Those who ride the ocean should not fear to drown.
  • Jamal Khashoggi
    May God protect you, you are in Canada, the sanctuary of the disgusting people. May God protect you from any Qaddafi or Qaddafi stupidity (Qaddafi as adjective)
  • Do not discuss the subject of bin even in Instagram.


Abdulaziz first spoke publicly about his contact with Khashoggi last month after researchers at the University of Toronto Citizen Lab reported that his phone had been hacked by military spyware.

According to Bill Marczak, a researcher at Citizen Lab, the software was the invention of an Israeli company called NSO Group, and was deployed at the request of the Saudi government.

Marczak said that at least two other Saudi dissidents have been directed at NSO tools: an activist named Yahya Assiri and an employee involved in the work of Amnesty International in Saudi Arabia

 Jamal Khashoggi recalls a memorial in Washington.

Danna Ingleton, an amnesty’s deputy program director, said its technical experts studied the staff phone and confirmed that it was targeted at the spyware program. Amnesty is investigating potential use of the NSO group and last week a letter sent to the Israeli Defense Department requesting it to cancel the NSO export license, “said Ingleton.

This week Abdulaziz attaches its name to a trial already filed in Israel and Cyprus. The package, originally hosted by citizens in Mexico and Qatar, claims that the NSO violated international laws by selling the software to oppressive regimes, as it knows that it could violate human rights.

The NSO Group did not respond to several attempts to comment, but previously said its technology “allows authorities to identify and disturb terrorists and plots”. It must respond to the trial next week.

“Tyranny Has No Logic”

The fact Abdulaziz’s phone contained spyware means that Saudi officials could have seen the same 400 messages Abdulaziz was exchanged with Khashoggi during the period. 19659002] The messages show Khashoggi, a Saudi establishment, is increasingly afraid of the fate of his country as bin Salman consolidates his power.

“He loves power, oppression and need to show them,” says Khashoggi about bin Salman, “but tyranny has no logic.”

Such discussions can be considered betrayal in Saudi Arabia, a country with one of the world’s worst free expression registries. In a sign Khashoggi and Abdulaziz were paying attention to their security in exile, they moved back and forth between phone calls, voice messages and chats on WhatsApp and other encrypted platforms such as Telegram and Signal.

  • Omar Abdulaziz
    Just wish you happy greetings, greetings and good things
  • Jamal Khashoggi
    I hope you are good Omar. May God listen to you and free us and the nation from this problem.

When Khashoggi speculated about bin Salman’s future, Abdulaziz was already in the Crown Prince’s sights and would have a visit with a message right from the top. 19659064] “Message from the MBS”

In May last year, Abdulaziz said two Saudi government delegates asked to meet him in Montreal. He agreed and said that he secretly recorded 10 hours of conversations during his five-day stay. He shared them with CNN.

In Arabic, the men only spoke as Abdullah and Malek, telling Abdulaziz that they were sent on bin Salman himself circumventing the usual channels like the Security Department. Bin Salman looks at his Twitter feed, they say, and want to offer him a job.

“We have come to you with a message from Mohammed bin Salman and his insurance to you,” says one of them. [19659002] Abdelaziz’s recorded announcements tell Saudi Arabia always that the Crown Prince had nothing to do with plots like the one that led to Khashoggi’s death and blamed for that incident in the event of a failed reprisal attempt, masterminded by advisors and subordinates of security personnel. [19659006] Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman participates in the Riyadh Future Investment Initiative (FII).
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 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman participates in the conference then for future investment initiatives (FII) in Riyadh.

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