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Jakarta raging over Indonesian virgin Tuti Tursilawati's execution

The execution of an Indonesian virgin who killed his Saudi Arabian employer during a rape attack has given rise to…

The execution of an Indonesian virgin who killed his Saudi Arabian employer during a rape attack has given rise to an uprising in Jakarta.

The Indonesian capital has filed an official protest against Saudi Arabia after the oil empire performed the housewife without

Tuti Tursilawati was executed on Monday in the city of Thaif in the province of Mecca, Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said seven years after she was sentenced to death to kill her employer in an act she claimed was self-defense against sexual assault.

President Joko Widodo criticized the decision yesterday and said the government officially protested against Riyadh and demanded better protection for Indonesian workers in the country.

Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, Head of Foreign Ministry’s Indonesian National Protection Department, told reporters on Tuesday the move was “regrettable.”

“The execution of Tuti Tursilawati was made without notification to our representatives, either in Riyadh or Jeddah,” he said at a press conference.
“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored the principles of human rights, including the right of all to live,” said Abidin Fikri, a member of the Indonesian parliament.

Tursilawati claimed that she acted in self-defense when she killed her employer 201

1 after attempting to rape her.

Migrant Care, a non-governmental organization advocating Indonesian workers’ rights abroad, condemned enforcement and urged the government to take serious diplomatic steps.

It said Indonesia should reverse its recent decision to allow a limited number of Indonesian migrant workers to Saudi Arabia despite a 2015 moratorium that prohibits new domestic workers from entering 21 Middle East countries.

Indonesia imposed the ban after the implementation of two other Indonesian virgins of Saudi Arabia that year.

Drug trafficking, rape, murder, disgust and armed robbery are all punishable by death according to Saudi Arabia’s strict version of Islamic Sharia law.

Like the Middle East, Indonesia also sends household workers to many parts of Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and has often complained about the treatment of their workers abroad.

A Hong Kong woman was imprisoned for six years to beat and starve his Indonesian virgin and hold his prisoner in a high-profile case pointing out the abuse of household workers in the financial hub.

Overall, there are currently 18 Indonesian migrant workers in the death row in the Middle East.

Tursilawati case comes as the Indonesian government has demanded a thorough probe in Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, alleged to have been murdered by Saudi on October 2.

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