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Jair Bolsonaro's rivals bet Brazilians would unite with him. They were wrong.

Haddad was not named to replace Silva until September 11, less than a month before the first round. Nevertheless, he…

Haddad was not named to replace Silva until September 11, less than a month before the first round. Nevertheless, he abandoned the other candidates to end others with 29 percent of the votes in the first round and earn a place in the run-up.

Bolsonaro won almost equal to 46 percent. And Haddad could never lay the ground. Bolsonaro won easy Sunday with just over 55 percent of the votes, compared to just under 45 percent for Haddad.

The Labor Party and other betting against Bolsonaro underestimated the power of his simple campaign platform and message degree, especially on social media.

His promises, like Trumps, were easy to melt: he would fight the criminals with brutal power, clean up corruption by imprisoning politicians to take the Brazilian economy the kind of hard love needed through the pension reform and privatization.

Maybe nowhere, Bolsonaro did better his fall than during his closest Facebook Live sessions. Wear a T-shirt and sat at an empty table, he looked into the camera and just talked. Too many Brazilians exhausted by stories of politicians who robbed public coupons and lived sumptuous lifestyles, the image of a standing and delicate paper figure was ready to make the house refreshing.

Bolsonaro doubled on his social media strategies after he was pushed and almost died during the campaign on September 6th. Within a few days after the attack, he resumed talking to followers via videos and tweets released from his hospital bed.

“Bolsonaro is the voice of people who want to talk but do not feel they can because they fear being politically incorrect,” said Carlos Manhanelli, political marketing specialist and president of the Brazilian group of political consultants. “He presents himself as he is and in the voter’s witness that is genuine. “

While Trumps victory was a surprise, a Bolsonaro win saw more and more inevitable in the last month.

Perhaps the clearest sign arrived at the end of September when the anti-Bolsonaro marcher organized by women groups took tens of thousands on the streets, but studies began to soon say that Bolsonaro’s support among women actually rose steadily.

That trend continued to the point that voting on Saturday had supported him with 42 percent of female voters, compared to 41 percent for Haddad.

 Image: Jair Bolsonaro Jair Bolsonaro is in a Ri o de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday. Pilar Olivares / Reuters

Valentina Collet, a 48-year-old doctor in Sao Paulo who voted for Bolsonaro, summarized the calculations made by many women.

Bolsonaro “is all I do not believe in. I am against violence. I am against weapons. I oppose his attitude,” I said, adding: “We struggled so hard to pull the Labor Party out of power. in the end you will vote the same back? “

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