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Jaguars Junction: Week 13

December 3, 2018 Sports 3 Views Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty Images) When the dust was finally cleansed, America was quaking…

Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty Images)

When the dust was finally cleansed, America was quaking agape-a 6-0 thrashing visited the unfortunate Colts of Jacksonville Jaguars, in football. “It will not be more unilateral than that,” said America. How many ways did the colts dominate? Let’s list them all:

OFFENSE: Jacksonville Jaguar’s offensive marched down the field not once but twice in scoring units. A simple reading of the scoreboard tells us that Colts failed to do that even once. Message to Colts: Maybe if you had tried to score a crime, the game would have turned out differently. Oh that’s right-you did it.

DEFENSE: Colts Swiss cheesy defense completely failed to stop the jaguar from marching down on the field in scoring units, not once but twice. On the other side of the ball, Jaguar’s defense stifled and stopped Indianapolis Colts from points on each individual unit throughout the game. Do not believe me? Just look at the big scoreboard up there. (“0.”)

SPECIAL TEAMS: The Jaguars special unit did not perform one without two successful field goals. Try – wander the ball, block it, kick it and all postpoint after point by point after pointing point after score on scoreboard. A glance at the same scoreboard tells a very different story for their counterparts on Colt’s specialty team: not a single successful field goal done. This embarrassing performance gap was one of the root causes of the ultimate defeat in the Hoosier state squad.

There are also other tertiary forms of dominance, but these are the most important three.

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