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I’ve been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

The arrival of PUBG Mobile to Android It was all crazy, but more crazy will be the launch of Fortnite.…

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

The arrival of PUBG Mobile to Android It was all crazy, but more crazy will be the launch of Fortnite. The most colorful and important rival ofhas been configured as one of the most profitable games on iOS, having generated more than 50 million dollars since its launch. We do not know the date on which this well-known game will come to Android, but we can open an appetite with a light analysis of the game for iPhone . I’ve been testing it, and these are my first impressions.

The game, as you can imagine, is free download on the App Store . It occupies a good amount of storage (3.79 GB to be exact) and spends battery that gives pleasure. Before starting the analysis I would like to state that I do not think it’s a game that can be played on all Android smartphones , but having a high range will be an essential requirement for the experience to be optimal. Finally, to say that I have been playing a good number of hours and that I have done it in a iPhone 8 Plus.

All you are going to read is my personal opinion.

First impressions of Fornite

I think, if you’re here, you do not need me to explain how it works, how it is played and what is the objective of Fornite , do not? In case there is a clueless in the room, as a summary, it can be said that Fortnite is a game of the Battle Royale type in which you must survive 99 opponents on a map whose extension borders on the absurd. The main difference with PUBG is the theme, and that is that if PUBG seeks an experience more “close to reality” -in terms of characters and locations-, In Fornite the style is more cartoon, more colorful and more animated . For tastes, colors. On a personal basis, I prefer the second.

An important point, and that you love or hate, is that Fornite has support for cross-play . Put another way, when you play Fortnite on the iPhone you can be playing against PC and PS4 users at the same time. This greatly marks the gaming experience, but we will get there. Let’s go by parts.

A huge map, a peak and many possibilities

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

The map of Fortnite is huge, huge, gigantic, whatever you want to call it. You will find the same locations that you will already know, such as Picados Floors, Dusty Polvorín, Pueblo Pomodoro, Anarchic Acres, etc. It’s really absurd to talk about the map because it is exactly the same as that of the other platforms . There are those who will say that “The map of PUBG is also huge” , and it will not lack reason, but there are differences.

The Fornite stage invites you to interact with him. How? Using the peak. Thanks to this tool you can get resources (wood, brick and metal) with which you can build buildings that can be used to attack or defend you.

PUBG has a problem, and that is that the lack of interaction with the surroundings makes that, if you do not go too far, the game becomes a ride simulator s. In Fortnite that does not happen. If you have to walk from one point to another, you can go interacting with trees, stones or vehicles and lootear means that will come in handy in your next assaults. In that sense, at least to me, Fornite is less heavy than PUBG.

Exquisite performance with no trace of lag

I really liked how the stages are built, its design, its color and its theme . It is true that the graphic quality in the iOS version can not be compared with the PC, PS4 or Xbox version, but I must say that Fornite for mobile is very well done and it’s nice to play it. Both the avatar, the interface, the map and the animations they move fluidly . The transitions are smooth, not like in PUBG, which looked rough (the pointed is the best example), and the falls of frames shine by their absence. The video above has been captured on the iPhone, and shows how everything moves to demand.

As far as connection is concerned, I have not noticed any pull or lag . I’ve always played with about 50 ms of ping -connected to WiFi, yes- and the games have been developed without problem. The longest matchmaking I had to wait did not reach 15 seconds. Where maybe you can notice a little twitch, very, very shallow, is when there are many players shooting in one place . As this situation does not happen often, there is no major problem.

With PUBG I spent a lot, also playing on iPhone, which shot at the rivals and the bullets did not arrive , or suddenly they disappeared and they were 20 meters ahead. In Fornite it has not happened to me once. As I say, the game is fluid in every way . He splashed

Fortnite brings out your chest in connection and performance, and I would like to point out that I have not met a single hacker.

The controls are nefarious, as is normal

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

One of the aspects that I liked the least about PUBG were the controls, and in Fornite the same thing happens to me . While it is true that interactions such as opening the door, collecting loot and interacting with weapons and inventory are better resolved than in PUBG, I still find it difficult to manage with ease. With the left thumb you will move (through a virtual joystick), while with the right you will shoot / use the peak, jump, bend, move the aim to aim, etc.

Each of these actions has a button assigned in the right area of ​​the screen, which causes that, in moments of tension, you ended up aiming when you wanted to move the camera, or jumping when you wanted to crouch . It is true that actions such as collecting the loot are done by clicking on the screen, and that the doors open automatically, but for me it is still complicated. I still think that such complex games are not designed for mobile, although we insist that yes.

That does not mean that you can not play and build, but be prepared to give it hours, hours, and hours of play until you get it done.

Fornite, in addition, has another important point, which is the construction . Building in computer and console is already complicated and requires some art, so I do not even want to tell you how it is in mobile. I have not been able to do a right-wing construction because, again, the controls are small and condensed on a small screen . The fluidity with which you can switch between construction mode and attack mode on PC you can not even dream it on mobile, because the interface itself, the very nature of the medium you are using, does not allow it. And there’s the big problem.

You will never win because you will always have a disadvantage

There is no mobile gamer, no optimization of the operating system, no 2K screen, no high-speed WiFi connection that can help you shading the PC and console players . On the one hand we have the screen. Your screen is smaller, so the level of detail is smaller, so what you see is far from what a PC user sees. If there is an enemy leaning on a curb, he, in a computer or console, will see you perfectly, but you will not see anything beyond a couple of black pixels above the curb. You will die, have it for sure.

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

You can not compare the controls either. The ease with which you play on PC, the precision offered by a mouse and a keyboard, with all its keys and settings, is unparalleled with the screen of your mobile, in which the gestures are reduced to push and slide. You will always play at a disadvantage . In a situation where everything depends on the skill of the player, whoever uses a PC will always win because the controls are simpler and more intuitive, and that is frustrating.

I speak from experience. I stayed in position 10 of a game because my enemy could jump and shoot at the same time, while I had to settle for staying static on the ground and try to shoot from the hip. It’s like having a car without wheels and wanting to beat a Ferrari race.

Fornite is a sacacuartos of care (if you leave)

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

As I said at the beginning, Fornite is a free game for all platforms and have, but the 50 million that has generated in iOS since its launch have had to come from somewhere, right? The answer is micropayments . Fornite is like the Counter-Strike: you can play it perfectly without having colorful weapons, exclusive avatars or strange cosmetic elements , but everything changes when you see that the people you play against take them. In Fortnite you can spend all the money you want in these silly stuff that sustain the current video game industry.

The game currency is called PaVos , and is achieved by connecting every day, doing missions, leveling or paying. You can get a lot of a thousand PaVos for 10.99 euros or a pack of 10,000 (plus 3,500 extra) for 109.99 euros. To give you an idea, the last skin they have gotten costs 2,000 pVos, and the latest 900 hang glider design. Can you play without them and have a good time? Of course yes. Can you spend all the money you want and more to disguise your character? As well.

In conclusion, will Fornite be worthwhile on Android?

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

I've been playing Fortnite on iOS and this is what you can expect on Android

More or less This is what you can expect from Fornite on Android. It’s a pretty entertaining game, it’s told by someone who is not a big fan of the genre, and who promises hours and hours of fun, especially if you play with friends. On my iPhone 8 Plus it works great , but we’ll have to wait to see how the performance is in the different ranges of Android smartphones (especially since I have not seen the option to lower the resolution and quality of the game).

I think his main weakness is his main incentive: the cross-play . On the one hand it is great because if you play on PC, PS4 or Xbox you can play with your Android / iOS account, but on the other hand it is frustrating to know that you always play at a disadvantage. The controls are not the same and the quality is not the same, keep it in mind whenever you are playing.

For the rest, I thought it was an original game, well planned and executed that I really want to see on Android. with PUBG it happened to me that, after playing forI did not want to repeat. With Fortnite the opposite happens to me. It is a game that invites you to come back, which is entertaining and that I liked. I would like to see an option to play alone against people who are playing on mobile platforms, something I would not be surprised to see over time.

In summary, Will it be worth it? Yes. Will it hook you? If you liked PUBG, Fortnite I think you’ll like it more. Will it work well on Android? Yes, but in the high range. Mobile, computer or console? Computer, without hesitation. Can you play it without spending a dime? Yes, of course. Do you spend a lot of battery? 15% in an hour of play approximately. Do you heat the phone? Yes, enough Will it arrive soon to Android? Nobody knows.


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