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It’s that easy to unlock the OnePlus 6 with a simple photo


He OnePlus 6 He’s been in stores for only a few days but he’s already facing serious security issues . And we do not say it, if not the first users who are starting to test the terminal with their own hands and are checking how easy it is unlock the OnePlus 6 with a simple photo. And yes, we have video of so controversial news.

Once the OnePlus 5T came to the market with a function of facial unlocking, without depth detection tools and 3D face mapping that we can find in the new mobile of the Chinese firm. Then many users questioned whether a selfie could unlock the device but, to the relief of many, it was discovered that it was not possible (although if you could register a photo instead of a real face).

No one was surprised that the face recognition system, developed by the Chinese security company SenseTimel, returned to the OnePlus 6 to unlock the device. More surprising is that how easy it seems to be to cheat the facial unlocking system on the brand’s latest phone. Apparently, the battery is not the only worst of the OnePlus 6 compared to its predecessors .

Twitter user @rikvduijn posted a video yesterday showing how simple it is unlock the OnePlus 6 with a simple photograph, something that many users fear with this security system enabled on their phones. As you can see in the images, it is enough to create a “mask” with the face stored in the memory of the phone so that the facial recognition system of OnePlus 6 give us access to all device damage.

But this is not the worst of all, since according to the user who has made the test, the recognition of faces unlock the OnePlus 6 It also works without problems … with a black and white photograph.

More problems for OnePlus?

By putting on the “mask” of his partner, the user is able to unlock the OnePlus 6, what almost immediately, gaining access to the operating system. At the moment, OnePlus has not made a statement about this new problem that joins the long list of errors that have appeared with the company’s terminals. A boat we can soon remember the p audio files from OnePlus 5 or the problems with the OnePlus 3 RAM . All this without forgetting the OnePlus hack that put at risk the banking data of thousands of customers.

It's that easy to unlock the OnePlus 6 with a simple photo