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It’s that easy to get a discount of € 5 on your next Amazon purchase

It's that easy to get a discount of € 5 on your next Amazon purchase

To speak of electronic commerce is to speak, irremediably, of Amazon . The giant of Jeff Bezos has become, as we have said on more than one occasion, the greatest exponent of online shopping, and rightly so. Amazon has everything, at a good price and with a more than excellent shipping service , especially if you are a member of Amazon Prime. But do you know what is better than buying on Amazon? Buy on Amazon with a discount of five euros! Getting it is very simple, you just have to have a computer on hand and 20 free seconds.

The guys from Amazon have launched a promotion thanks to which you can get a discount of 5 euros on your next purchase , as long as it is 25 euros or more. For this, all you have to do is install Amazon Assistant, its extension for the browser. The promotion is only available for those who have not used the extension before , and the discount will apply automatically in the next purchase you make. Having said that, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Amazon website and install the extension in your browser from the orange button.
  2. Click on the Amazon Assistant icon that just appeared in your browser.
  3. Redeem the discount.
  4. Buy 25 euros or more in products sold by Amazon.

The Amazon Assistant extension allows you to keep track of orders, compare products and prices, access your wish list and receive notifications about offers you are following. It is quite useful, although if you do not plan to use it you can use the discount and uninstall it later.

The offer, however, is not forever. You have to install the extension before June 12, 2018 and place an order before the 19th of the same month on What does this mean? That this discount only applies in Spain, so if you are from Latin America you will not be able to take advantage of it, at least for now. If, on the other hand, you are Spanish and you are thinking of making a purchase on Amazon, This is a simple trick to save you five euros . It’s little, yes, but less gives a stone!