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Italian woman kidnapped by men of war along the coast of Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya – About eight armed men kidnapped an Italian volunteer along the coast of Kenya and injured several people,…

NAIROBI, Kenya – About eight armed men kidnapped an Italian volunteer along the coast of Kenya and injured several people, including three children, police said Wednesday.

Five people were wounded by the attackers who acted unjustly at 8 pm Tuesday in Chakama trading center in Kilifi County, Kenyan police chief Joseph Boinnet said.

The weapon abducted Sylvia Constanza Romano, 23, an Italian woman working for Africa Milele Onlus, according to Boinnet and her organization. The subject of the attack is not clear and the identity of the attackers is not yet known. He said that

. The shooters came and searched for a white woman, said Ronald Kazungu Ngala, 19, who said he witnessed the violent kidnapping of Rome. Ngala’s high school education was sponsored by Africa Milele Onlus and he had gone to the NGO’s office to present his grade card at the end of the annual campaign to Romano.

He first heard the shooting that made all stores close and people in the trading center hide.

At around. 19:30 Six men, some armed with rifles and others with machetes and clubs stormed into Milele’s office and demanded to know where is “mgeni” (Swahili for white) woman.

“I told them she had left to go to a power bank but they did not believe me and bump into the room where they found her,” he said.

Ngala said he followed them and heard a gunman ask the other if she is the one and when he was answered in affirmation, he continued to “drop her very hard until she fell.”

“Ronald please thank you! Ronald, please help,” she said, according to Ngala. “I tried to drive a man who crushed her while holding her down for her hands to be tied behind her back, but someone hit me in the head with a club and I became dizzy. She told me to help me and I ran for the man at the door with a club and drove him away and fled. “He said that two of the armed men who were outside the room shot the spectators.

Ngala said they were in Rome on the River Galana.

Somali-based Islamic extremists have been insulted for a shot of kidnapping foreigners along the coast of Kenya. Kenya said it was urged to send troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight the al-Shabab militants after kidnapping of four foreigners.

One of the foreigners, a cancer-killing quadriplegic French woman kidnapped by a Kenyan resort, in captivity in Somalia.

Confronted by a decline in tourism after the kidnappings, Kenya deployed troops to Somalia later in October to fight the militants. Al-Shabab has since made several attacks in Kenya and says it is revenge for the country’s troop presence in Somalia.

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