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It's official, Chase Daniel will start for Bears against the Lions

It's Thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving! When you start to feed a cold nude turkey with spices or fillings it's inside with…

It’s Thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving! When you start to feed a cold nude turkey with spices or fillings it’s inside with bread or whatever you do, it’s worth wondering: which tacks best represent Bears players and vice versa? Well, thank God, I work today and can answer that question for you. Let’s start with the obvious:

Turkey = Mitch Trubisky

Here’s a no-brainer. QB1, like Turkey, is the middle of the meal. There is more variety than meeting the eye with a Turkey; You can choose light / dark meat, one leg, chest. It is a versatile bird, not unlike Trubisky, which is a versatile QB. Do you want him to run? Light. A simple 3- or 5-step return? He can also do that. Like turkey people are still on the fence when it comes to Trubisky. Perhaps they have not convinced everyone, but Trubisky and Turkey have their passionate supporters, and it just would not be complete without them.

Cranberry Sauce = Tarik Cohen

As a Cranberries Sauce, Cohen does not need much prep. Just pluck him out on the plate and see him work. He’s fast, he’s crazy, and if you love him, you love him . Tarik Cohen is cranberry sauce.

Filling = Akiem Hicks

The obvious connection here is that Hicks fills up the line of scrimmage. People can talk more often about smarter, trendier pages, but by the end of the day you really can not do better than stuffing. Hick is not the fastest name of Bears defense, but the meal would not feel complete without him in the field plate .

Taylor Gabriel = Mashed Potatoes

Is there any page you eat more often than the mashed potatoes? 1

fork in Turkey, 1 fork mashed portatoes. 1 fork vegetables, 1 fork Mashed potatoes. They are the castle recipient of Thanksgiving. Are you going to blow the top of a defense with your mashed potatoes? No, probably not. But you can not put together a 9-play, 85-yard device to put the game away in the 4th without them either. When the bears need a big 1st down, or need to move the ball, Gabriel is always there in the castle.

Greens = Bears secondary

Everybody rides with different greens. Whether it’s asparagus, collard greens, brusselspiror (I hope it’s not Brussels spirals) or a salad, there’s always something green on your plate that hides somewhere. They are opportunistic. You may not notice them first, but when you do, WAH kills you. Like Bears secondary green lid and waited, ready for their moment. Then, when it’s time, you realize, huh, greens are actually really good. Green would probably send 2-3 of its members to Pro Bowl.

Pie = Khalil Mack

The big hush that brings everything together. Thanksgiving dinner is just fancy dinner without pie. It’s the last thing the meal needs to be enjoyed, and it takes everything together. Khalil Mack was a late-to-eat additive, but it’s hard to imagine the meal without him now. You may say that Aaron Donald Shoemaker is a better dessert, but you’re wrong, it’s pie. Pie is the best dessert in NFL.

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