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It was a mysterious cloud on Mars. Finally, researchers realized that it was

November 1, 2018 Science 0 Views It hangs on Mars for the third month. Orbiter Mars Express is registered over…

It hangs on Mars for the third month.

Orbiter Mars Express is registered over March’s deviating cloud size of about 1500 km, which began to form about 20 km of the volcano Arsia Mons, near the equator on the planet, writes Daily Mail.

At first sight, this design looks like a volcanic eruption, but according to geological data, the last volcano on Mars 50 million years ago.

After a detailed study there was a white plume of water vapor! A water column height of 20 km was formed when strong winds hit a large hill hiding under the frozen ice.

The ice is evaporated, the steam rose, cooled, condensed and expanded due to the low atmospheric pressure

“This is a common phenomenon in this region, believe scientists.

” The appearance of clouds changes under March, which increases in the course of tomorrow morning to climb the volcano, almost parallel to the equator and reaches a significant size that can make it visible even for telescopes on Earth, “said the European Space Agency.

ESA researchers believe the formation of clouds is the consequences of the giant dust storm covered the whole planet this summer. The beginning of May, and in July she was completely covered in Mars and isolated the surface from sunlight.

But a big cloud is not the only consequence of a murder storm. [1

9659003] The Storm’s Result, NASA lost the Mars Rover Opportunity . At the beginning of June he stopped communicating. Attempt to “wake up” failed, for five months he never gave “signs on life. “

Mars atmosphere is much less dense than the earth’s and contains as little water as if it spreads on the planet’s plan formed a global sea with a thickness of 20 microns. And yet she has a cloud of isis.

Maybe it’s the Martians?

FIA Mont.

 Why not do something for me? Anyone, but not so much

 Why not do something for me? Anyone, but not so much

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