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ISS Astronauts Have Thanksgiving Meal In Space

Three International Space Station astronauts shared turkey and pound cake more than 250 miles away from Earth on Thanksgiving. In…

Three International Space Station astronauts shared turkey and pound cake more than 250 miles away from Earth on Thanksgiving. In een clip, twee van de vluchtingenieurs zonden hun well-wishes. ( NASA )

Most people go home to their family for Thanksgiving. Andre, derimod, kan simpelthen ikke deltage i sammenkomster, fordi de er i deres linje af told, herunder de internationale rumstations astronauter.

Det har blitt en tradition for at fejre denne vigtige ferie med de mest vigtige mennesker i ens liv. Tiden fra jobbet til å dele med dem.

Expedition 57 Team

Three astronauts were not able to spend the holidays with their loved ones but that does not mean they’re not preparing for it in space. In een video gedeeld door de ISS op nov. 21

via Twitter, Expedition 57 Commander Alexander Gerst and NASA flight engineer Serena Auñon-Chancellor made it a point to greet everyone on Earth a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

The duo, along with Russian cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev, were to share a sumptuous Et måltid som var sendt i avanceret, som består af yams, pund kage, og selvfølgelig, den traditionelle turkey, selv om det var kun Auñon-kansler, der havde set Thanksgiving i fortiden. Gerst, a German, said it was not the first time he is celebrating this special day.

“Thanksgiving is a time to spend with those who you love, whoever might be, and so we’ll be enjoying this meal together but then also calling our loved ones back on planet Earth, “Auñon-Chancellor shared.

Both Auñon-Chancellor and Gerst had their days-off, which left Prokopyev the only one working during the holiday. Regular programming will be back on Friday, and it means the three will have a lax time, a chance they can grab to catch up with their families and friends.


One of the perks about celebrating Thanksgiving in Space? There will be more food for everyone. The best part? There are no dishes to wash.

As much as these things sound exciting for everyone on earth, there is a reason why there were only three ISS astronauts onboard. NASA’s flight engineer Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin should have been in orbit by now, but a malfunction in the space rocket forced them to land back to Earth just minutes after they had lifted off on Oct. 11.

In an interview, Auñon-Chancellor admitted that as much as the team wanted the two astronauts in space, knowing that they were safe is what is paramount.

Photo: NASA Johnson | Flickr

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