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Israel's police advise to accuse Netanyahu in the telecoms case

FILE – In November 11, 2018, a photograph of the film, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara…

The Israeli police on Sunday recommended to direct Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on bribery charges in connection with a corruption case involving Israeli telecom giants, leading to immediate redundancies.

Police say their investigation has established a testimony to charge Netanyahu and his wife Sara with accepting bribery, fraud and lack of trust. The case is about suspicions that trust in Netanyahu promotes hundreds of millions of dollars to Bezeq’s telecom companies in exchange for the prime minister’s positive coverage on Bezeq’s daughter site, Walla.

Police have already recommended to accuse Netanyahu of corruption charges in two other cases. One means accepting gifts from billionaire friends, and the other circles about alleged offers about favorable legislation for a newspaper in return for positive coverage.

The prime minister has denied any misunderstanding, dismissed the charges as a witch hunt that was orchestrated by the media.

“The police’s recommendations about me and my wife do not surprise anyone,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “These recommendations were decided and leaked even before the investigation began.”

The Bezeq case, known as 4000, is the most serious of all those to whom Netanyahu has been accused. Two of his highest trusts have become state witnesses and believed to have left the police with incriminating evidence. Netanyahu held the government’s communications portfolio last year and monitored regulation in the area. Former journalists at the Walla News site have confirmed that they are discontinued from refraining from negative reporting by Netanyahu.

Police say the investigation, which included testimony of 60 witnesses, revealed that Netanyahu and Bezeq’s chief Shaul Elovitch engaged in a “muta-based relationship.”

The police also recommend that charges be taken against Elovitch and his family members.

“The most serious case of refusal leaves no room for doubt: a prime minister accused of the most serious crime against an official in the Israeli government can not continue serving one minute anymore,” said Tamar Zandberg, chief of the opposition Meretz type portion.

“The prime minister has no moral mandate to hold and must resign today.” Go to elections. “

Other opposition parties quickly responded to the call that Netanyahu should resign.

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