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Is this the first video of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite?


Lately it has given him to make things complicated for Samsung. And it’s not because his J and A series have more and more components, it’s that Samsung is starting to diversify the high range in such a way that it’s already hard to know what can be real and what can not. Some time ago we talked about the SM-G8850 , a smartphone that was said that the Galaxy A8 Lite could, well, now we can see it on video.

In the video that we show you next, and according to Slashleaks, you can see a premium-looking device that seems to have a very generous screen and a double camera system , the problem is that the Galaxy S8 Lite ended up being the Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury and this weekend we saw a picture of Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite , so it makes little sense that this device is the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star .

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite real?

You may be thinking that the video that we show next is the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite, but there is a problem, and is that unless the low quality of the video does not allow to appreciate it, the Galaxy A9 Star Lite can be clearly seen the presence of two photographic sensors in the front, something that we can not see in the smartphone of the video (second 00.12).

The confusion is even greater because if you look at the photos filtered by TENAA in them neither you can see that second front sensor , so it is possible to think that the photographs filtered by TENAA are from the Samsung SM-G8850, but they should not be from the Galaxy A9 Star Lite, but from the smartphone that can be seen in the video.

Is this the first video of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite?

This last theory is strengthened by the fact that the rear that we can see in the video is identical to what was filtered by TENAA, with a double sensor in vertical position in the upper left corner Apple style and a central fingerprint reader.

Is this the first video of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite?

Is this the first video of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite?

So, if this device is not the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite, it could be the rumored Galaxy S9 Lite or have any other striking name, (as happened with the Light Luxury).

For now it is difficult to get something clear, but one thing is clear: the smartphone is real, and if it has already been leaked, it is because there is not much left for it to reach the market. We hope to solve all the doubts as soon as possible.