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Is this the definitive design of the iPhone SE 2? Complete image gallery

532 He design of course iPhone SE 2 monopolizes more and more covers. It is not for less, since, of…


He design of course iPhone SE 2 monopolizes more and more covers. It is not for less, since, of becoming reality, the result could be a very interesting product. It would be for price, but at the same time for being an iPhone all screen really compact, with the dimensions of the current iPhone SE , despite increasing the diagonal of its screen . This gallery of images try to recreate what could be the appearance of the second generation iPhone SE.

Although the rumor resounds through the Network of networks for even more than a year, it has been during the last weeks when the information is taking shape. It is becoming increasingly viable to present a Second generation iPhone SE . A model that has generated strong expectations because it would position itself as a The cheapest iPhone in the Apple catalog . Around this unusual interest, different fronts have been discussed about the model, be it regarding its characteristics, launch date, as well as the design of this iPhone SE 2 .

Gallery with the design of the iPhone SE 2

We have witnessed the appearance of various filtered photos and videos. On the other hand, the quality of the images shown below is the most complete multimedia content that we have been able to find to date.

The attached gallery is the product of the work of the popular filter @onleaks , although this time he has made an exception with this publication. The same user indicates in his Twitter profile that this is the first time that he has published a leak, of which he can not guarantee 100% reliability, although the information on which the renderings are based with the design of the iPhone SE 2 It seems to have a certainly solid base.

Despite the reliability shown by the leaker, this time its publication is associated with a page related to the world of mobile telephony, so we can not rule out that this is a new way to monetize your leaks.

Conceptual video of the iPhone SE 2

Once the situation under which the filtration of the photo gallery occurs with the assumption design of the iPhone SE 2 , we go to action.

The video edited based on the images rendered from the CAD designs The power of Onleaks leaves us with a seemingly wide perspective of what the new iPhone SE 2 would look like.

On the one hand, it is potentially visible that the overall appearance of the casing does not vary much with respect to the current iPhone SE, with two years old. On the other, perhaps the most striking is the adoption of a screen with notch , in line with what the iPhone X . This design would similarly cause the iPhone SE 2 to lose the enigmatic Home button with Touch ID . Yes, a decision that would involve the loss of fingerprint sensor in favor of the introduction of 3D facial recognition system, Face ID .

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