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Is Meghan Markle having twins? Here's why speculation is heating up

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By Lindsay Lowe

Are there two royal babies on the way? Rumors are circulating that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, could be expecting twins.

Rumors have been flying that the duchess is expecting twins. Samir Hussein / WireImage

It all started when an Irish betting company, Paddy Power

Paddy Power said there had been a sudden, unusual surge of bets on the royal couple having twins. [19659000] Chris Jackson / Getty Images

“An unprecedented amount of bets on Meghan.”

Are the royal couple about to become parents twice? Chris Jackson / Getty Images and Harry has twins has forced us to stop taking bets on the market altogether, “a spokesperson for Paddy Power told TODAY in a statement. “Since the day started, the stream of bets has led us to believe that maybe the punters – or an insider source – know something more than we do.”

The odds of twins had reached as high as 5 to 1 just before betting was suspended on November 23.

Of course, this is just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Men det er morsomt å forestille seg ikke en, men to babyer blir sammen med den kongelige familie. For one thing, it means that Prince Harry and his brother would have five children between them, making for some even more lively family portraits!

Just how much will the royal family grow next spring? Getty Images

And no doubt there would be plenty of cute photos of Prince Harry and the duchess out and about as a young family of four.

The happy parents-to-be took a stroll during their recent trip to New Zealand. Getty Images

If they did have twins, it would be a historic moment for the royal family. Twins have not occurred in the British royal family since the 15th century, when Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland, gave birth to twin boys, James and Alexander, in 1430. Alexander died shortly after he was born, while James went on to be King.

Betting may have ended over the possibility of royal twins, but Paddy Power has several other bets still running about the royal baby, including bets on possible names. Diana is in the lead for girls, with 8 to 1 odds, while Arthur leads the pack of boys’ names with odds of 12 to 1. Of course, if they really are having twins, maybe both names could win!

People er også betting on gender, time of birth, the day and month in which the baby is born, and even the child’s hair color.

The duchess cradled her baby bump during her recent visit to Fiji. Getty Images

Gamblers are also making some hilariously long-sighted wagers , including betting on who will get married first: Prince Louis, or the royal baby on the way. As of now, the odds are evenly split for that one.

There’s even a bet about who will go bald first. (Prince Louis is ahead of that one too.)

Of course, until the duke and duchess themselves reveal details about the royal baby (or babies?) This is all just rumor.

But one thing is for sure: royal baby fever is upon us!

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